The Voice Just Featured an Adorable (and Hilarious) Proposal

The Voice Just Featured an Adorable (and Hilarious) Proposal

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For most aspiring singers, getting to perform on NBC's The Voice would be surreal enough. But contestant Denton Arnell, a Chicago native, made his debut on the show truly unforgettable: He used the moment to bring his longtime girlfriend onstage and propose to her.

During Monday night's blind auditions, Arnell sang Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home." He impressed John Legend, who turned his chair around and added Arnell to his team. Then, Arnell asked Legend if he could share the victory with his girlfriend, Tiffany, who had been watching backstage with family members.

"Yeah, why not?" Legend said.

As Tiffany came onstage, Arnell pointed to Legend, saying,"So, I figured since you gave me a 'yes,' I want to see if Tiffany will be a 'yes' too."

He pulled a ring out of his pocket to the screams of the crowd-but there was one hilarious snafu. In her excitement, Tiffany leaned in a little too close and bumped her head directly into Arnell's. Still, the two of them were adorable and laughed the fail off. Arnell then got down on one knee, and Tiffany tearfully accepted his proposal.

It's not the first time there's been a lovey-dovey engagement on The Voice. In 2016, Lauren Diaz walked backstage after blowing away the judges with her rendition of Alicia Key's "If I Ain't Got You," and her boyfriend immediately surprised her with a ring. Colton Swon and Caroline Glaser, two contestants from season four, also headed toward the aisle after falling in love on the show. Clearly, there's something about the reality series that gets wedding bells ringing.

Following Arnell's proposal, Legend took to Twitter to gave himself some props for the occasion.

"I think I win the award for best wingman ever. We both won tonight, Denton!" Legend penned. If things go well on his team, maybe Legend will even have a role in the wedding! He does moonlight as a wedding singer, after all.

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