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The Best Wedding Perfume for Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Wedding Perfume for Your Zodiac Sign

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ARIES (March 21 to April 20)

Courtesy of Lord & Taylor

Arians are honest, brave, and headstrong, tending to favor stimulating and bold scents. Their fiery, assertive and courageous natures are full of charm and charisma. Consider notes with hints of cinnamon to compliment the fierce Aries who loves to unleash the wild free spirit within, as they are drawn to essential energy oils with a pure life-force. For your suggested fragrance, check out Estee Lauder Cinnabar fragrance spray, or fragrant bath with Spruce Warming bath essence.

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TAURUS (April 20 to May 21)

Courtesy of Ulta

Taurians tend to be loyal, pragmatic, and good-humored. Beautiful art, music, and delicious food are important to a Taurus, which makes sense, as this sign is ruled by Venus-the planet of love and affection. You relish harmony with your tastes and scents. Therefore, the best kind of fragrance for a kind, earthy, patient, practical Taurus is a luxurious blend of sweet, creamy flowers such as jasmine and carnation. Give Japanese Cherry Blossom Ultra Shea body cream or White Jasmine & Shea body lotion a whirl.

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GEMINI (May 22 to June 22)

Courtesy of Seaweed Bath Co.

Witty, changeable, versatile, talkative, and well-read are just some typical Gemini traits. A complicated sign, Gemini often has two different personalities with two different sets of tastes. Those born under this sign love to communicate and get their point across while knowing how to keep everyone interested. Their need for mental stimulation suggests a light hint of orange, multitasking with vanilla. Moodo's Cozzzy fragrance family can be used to help set the scene while getting wedding ready, and Citrus Vanilla Hydrating body cream provides the light but perfect scent while moisturizing too.

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CANCER (June 22 to July 23)

Courtesy of Piping Rock

Caring, tenacious, and sensitive Cancers are well known for their ability to nurture and protect others. In fact, the feelings and the moods they produce are an important part of being a Cancer. To stay comforted and centered, they might be drawn to the protective aromas of lavender. To relax, pop a Pearl Bath Bombs' Lavender ring bath bomb in a night-before-wedding bath, or opt for a touch of Lavender 100% pure essential oil for your wedding day itself.

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LEO (July 23 to August 23)

Courtesy of Bloomingdales

Loving Leo rules creativity while being dramatic, proud, organized, romantic, playful, and, of course, fun. Leos also need to be complimented and admired, demanding attention. No one knows how to live as royally as Leos do, while showing the world how to really live, laugh, and love the good life. A beautiful royal scent would be something with exotic wood, complete with a touch of patchouli. Leo brides-to-be are sure to love Jo Malone Orange Blossom cologne or Patchouli eau de toilette.

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VIRGO (August 23 to September 22)

Courtesy of Sephora

Virgo is an Earth sign, and people born under this sun sign are energetic, analytical, intelligent, reliable, and responsible. They have their feet on the ground and possess the gift of discernment, favoring scents that are simple yet special. Virgos are often meticulous perfectionists, so to alleviate some of their worries pure rose will help to calm the nervous system, while Arabian Jasmine or jasmine sambac would also refresh. For a calming room fragrance, Moodo's Oriental Delights fragrance family is a great option, while Pearl Bath Bombs' Morning Rose ring bath bomb can relax, and Glam Jasmine eau de parfum will provide a distinctively personal scent for your wedding day.

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LIBRA (September 23 to October 23)

Courtesy of Pearl Bath Bombs

Faithfulness, partnership, and loyalty are essential to a Libra-after all, they want to be surrounded by the best. For their refined tastes and keen perceptiveness, Libras like loving and peaceful aromas that help to achieve balance. Neroli, along with notes of Italian bergamot, will calm the nervous system, and Bulgarian Heirloom Roses protect and encourage a joyful heart. Excellent options include Enchanted World perfume, or a soak with Pearl Bath Bombs' Rose Quartz Luxe Soak.

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SCORPIO (October 23 to November 23)

Courtesy of Barneys

Scorpios are intense, loyal, and determined, while being master detectives of the zodiac. Scorpios seek to discover the hidden truth while having intense passions, so they find strong aromas most appealing. Scorpios are the embodiment of Oscar Wilde's brilliant statement, “I can resist anything except temptation.” Therefore, the enticing scent of musk will suit their sexy nature and help them appreciate their mystical powers. (Prefect for your big day!) Musk Essence oil or Maison Margiela Flower Market perfume are both excellent options for Scorpios.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22)

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are optimistic and enthusiastic, and have a love of travel, animals, the great outdoors, and natural healing, as well as all things foreign and exotic. You can expect them to be surprisingly blunt and honest about their likes and dislikes. They are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, so eucalyptus or cardamom would transport the adventurous traveler within. To set the mood at home, explore Moodo's Ashram Spa fragrance family or a Diptyque eucalyptus candle, or this Eucalyptus body lotion provides a refreshing personal scent.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 21)

Courtesy of Aha Life

Capricorns are ambitious, prudent, and self-disciplined. They have very deep and very real emotional needs that might slow them down, but their persistence and ability to focus on a goal enables them to succeed. Capricorns can be surprisingly sensuous, so sandalwood would suit this earthy sign, a personality who appreciates tradition, meaning, and loyalty. The Sum Sandalwood & Jasmine perfume will provide a sexy and sultry wedding day fragrance.

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AQUARIUS (January 21 to February 20)

Courtesy of Aha Life

Aquarians are unique, brilliant, articulate, and progressive with free-thinking minds unfettered by rules. They enjoy inventing, experimenting, and discovering, while thriving on being rebellious and different. They are futuristic, but also students of history, appreciating a scent that harkens back to another time. To help de-stress the over-thinker, they could try the delightful scent of sea water and earthy sand, like those aromas found in Pearl Bath Bombs' Sea Goddess ring bath bomb, Green Smoothie face masque & scrub, and Sea Salt Neroli linen and room spray.

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PISCES (February 20 to March 21)

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Pisces are very empathetic, full of inspiration and clairvoyance. They can experience scents on a deep soul level, feeling the subtle energies of the various ingredients. This natural ability to be connected requires an aroma such as fresh ozone to protect them from negativity, but to also complement their dreamy, spiritual natures. Notes of apricot and coconut would also appeal because of their sweetness. For the home, Moodo's Beach Party fragrance family is recommended. Spritz on this Salted Caramel Apricot fragrance mist for the body, and the nourishing Organix Coconut Milk conditioner for lightly scented locks too.