All-White Wedding Bouquets

All-White Wedding Bouquets

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Gardenia, Ranunculus, and Garden Roses

Natalie Franke Photography

A coastal-inspired bouquet made of gardenia, ranunculus, and garden roses created by Maryland-based florist Petal and Print.

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Sara Logan Photography

An all-white bouquet of tulips.

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Classic White Assortment

Corbin Gurkin Phootgraphy

A classic white bouquet made of garden roses, ranunculus, hellebores, freesia, gardenias, and orchids created by Rhode Island-based florist Stone Blossom.

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Ranunculus and Roses

Marisa Holmes

A classic white-and-cream bouquet made of ranunculus and roses.

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onelove Photography

A classic bouquet made entirely of all-white peonies created by Seattle-based florist Rented Elegance & Design.

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Peonies, White Lilac, and Freesia

Michael Falco of Christian Oth Studio

A white posy made up of peonies, white lilac, and freesia created by New York City-based florist Belle Fleur.

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Lily of the Valley

Elisa Bricker

A simple and romantic posy comprised entirely of lily of the valley created by Virginia-based florist Beehive Events.

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White Roses and Hydrangeas

Robyn Van Dyke Photography

A sweet and simple bouquet made of white roses and hydrangeas.

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Garden-Party Bouquet

Christa Elyce

A garden-party inspired bouquet of hydrangea, roses, Queen Anne's lace, and lemon leaf created by Texas-based event designer Tamara Menges.

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Hydrangeas and Brunia Berries

Happy Everything Co.

A summery bouquet made of white hydrangeas and brunia berries.

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Soft Roses and Ranunculus

Katelyn James Photography

An elegant, all-white bouquet comprised of soft roses and ranunculus created by Maryland-based florist Edge Floral Event Designers.

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Classic Mix with Herb Accents

Steve Steinhardt

An all-white posy compromised of peonies, garden roses, lysimachia, anemones, and ranunculus, accented with fresh herbs, created by Los Angeles-based florist Hollyflora.

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Lily of the Valley and Lamb's Ear

Allyson Magda

A delicate lily of the valley and lamb's ear bouquet created by Burbank, California-based florist Flower Wild.

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Peonies and Dusty Miller

Lucy Munoz Photography

A romantic bouquet made of peonies and dusty miller styled by Lucy Munoz.

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Orchids, Calla Lilies, and Parrot Tulips

Angie Silvy Photography

An exotic, textured bouquet made up of orchids, miniature calla lilies, and parrot tulips created by Hunt Littlefield, a San Francisco-based florist.

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Modern Mix

Nicole Roberts Photography

A modern mixed bouquet of garden roses, succulents, lisianthus, stock, and spray roses created by Durham, North Carolina-based florist Tre Bella.

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Peonies, Roses, and Ranunculus

Melani Lust Photography

A traditional all-white bouquet comprised of peonies, roses, and ranunculus created by Connecticut-based florist KD&J Botanica.

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White Calla Lilies

Paper Antler

A formal posy of elegant white calla lilies created by Clarendon Hills, Illinois-based florist The English Garden.

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Textural Bouquet

Michael Falco of Christian Oth Studio

A romantic, textural bouquet of all-white peonies, ranunculus, garden roses, white lilac, freesia, and lisianthus created by New York City-based florist Belle Fleur.

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Heather Kincaid Photography

A formal all-white peony bouquet created by Los Angeles-based event designer JOWY Productions.

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Peonies and Roses

Sara Logan Photography

An all-white bouquet made of peonies and roses.

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Scabiosas, Sweet Peas, and Maidenhead Ferns

Katie Stoops

A simple and sweet posy made of scabiosas, sweet peas, and maidenhead ferns created by Richmond, Virginia-based florist Merriment Events.

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Cascading Bouquet

Louisa Bailey

A romantic cascading bouquet comprised of Queen Anne's lace, hydrangea, bougainvillea, and pussy-willow grass created by Melbourne, Australia-based florist Wunderplant.


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