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5 Ways to Make Your Bridal Style Eco-Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Bridal Style Eco-Friendly

We get it-weddings are costly affairs that involve a lot of excess. So it only makes sense that your eco-friendly self wants to make sure you say “I do” in the most positive and sustainable way possible. Well, brides-to-be, the fashion and beauty industries are listening! Whether it's organic ingredients, recycled materials, pre-loved dresses, or brands that support a cause, there are so many green options at your service. Here are five ways to make your wedding day look environmentally friendly.


Eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup brands are on the rise! If you're getting your makeup professionally done, ask your makeup artist to use eco-conscious brands only-think those that are organic, don't test on animals, or use sustainable packaging. Axiology has a range of colorful lipsticks that are as vegan, organic, and non-toxic as they are pretty, and all of Tarte's products include wholesome, natural ingredients-their cheek stains are perfect for that rosy wedding day glow.


Options for an eco-friendly wedding dress are becoming more plentiful. Take a blast from the past and wear your mother's gown or a vintage find (check out vintage boutique Happy Isles). If throwbacks aren't your thing, there are also a slew of sustainable wedding dress designers who make beautiful dresses in an eco-conscious way, such as Leila Hafzi, who works to establish an environmentally friendly production cycle; Deborah Lindquist, who creates designs out of recycled, sustainable, and organic fabrics; or Daughters of Simone, which has dreamy handcrafted bohemian wedding dresses.


What's a wedding day without a ring on your finger and some accessories to match? Opt for alternative gems like sapphires or sparklers like moissanite. Also, consider vintage or heirloom rings or rings made from recycled materials. Bario Neal designs their pieces with reclaimed metals and ethically-sourced stones and Monique PГ©an uses sustainable materials exclusively, such as recycled gold and sustainable Tahitian pearls.

Hair Accessories

As with your wedding dress and jewelry, you'll want to look for hairpieces made of reclaimed or recycled metals or veils made from sustainable and organic fabrics. Celia Grace has gorgeously whimsical headpieces and combs, all made from eco-conscious materials. We also love the idea of reconstructing a veil out of your mother's wedding dress for a heartfelt “something borrowed.”


Walk down the aisle knowing that your shoes aren't just carrying you to the love of your life but also supporting a good cause. Look for footwear that uses sustainable materials, such as hand-loomed fabrics or vegan leather, or that donates a portion of its proceeds to an ethical cause. Stella McCartney, who's committed to producing in an animal- and eco-friendly fashion, offers leather-free heels, and Coclico, which focuses on environmental responsibility in New York and produces in a family-run factory, has chic, minimalist sandals for an outdoor wedding.