7 Spring Wedding Menu Ideas From Celebrity Chefs

7 Spring Wedding Menu Ideas From Celebrity Chefs

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ВЂњLa Dolce Vita”

Courtesy of Donatella Arpaia

Menu Courtesy of Donatella Arpaia, Restaurateur and Food Network Judge

1st Course: White Asparagus Soup

“White asparagus truffle soup is deliciously smooth and it's further enhanced with a garnish of white truffle oil. It's the perfect starter really because it's vegetarian and the truffle oil matches the upscale occasion. Pair it with a New Zealand or French sauvignon blanc.”

2nd Course: Grilled Asparagus and Mortadella

“Grilled asparagus spears and mortadella (an Italian luncheon meat) cut up and served in an elegant way makes for a total crowd pleaser side.”

3rd Course: Fettuccine with Salmon and Lemon Cream Sauce

“One of my favorite fettuccine recipes is with salmon in lemon cream sauce.This is your modern update to the plain boring chicken or salmon entree and the lemon cream sauce elevates it and makes the salmon sophisticated. It's a dish all guests will love, including children!"

4th Course: Cannoli

“Who doesn't love an authentic-made with love-cannoli? Always go with the Sicilian ricotta version however, instead of filled with custard and cream.”

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ВЂњA Taste of the Mediterranean”

Courtesy of The Smile

Menu Courtesy of Melia Marden, Executive Chef of The Smile

1st Course: Spice Baked Haloumi With Preserved Kumquats and Fresh Herbs

“Haloumi is a great shared appetizer and the preserved kumquats are a great way to bring some winter citrus into spring. It pairs wonderfully with a glass of champagne.”

2nd Course: Salt Baked Whole Fish and Fennel Frond & Fresno Pepper Salad With Tzatziki

“A Mediterranean family-style meal is the best way to go for a warm weather wedding since it's easier to execute than fussy individually plated dishes and feels festive passing and sharing food around a table."

3rd Course: Little Gem and Fingerling Potato Salad With Haricots Verts

“This little gem salad is one of my favorites-it's laid back and fresh, but has more substance because of the fingerling potatoes. It's also another great room temp side so you don't have to worry about serving everything hot.”

4th Course: Berry Compote Over Greek Yogurt With Pistachio Honey

"I like a dessert that's not overwhelmingly sweet, but has character especially if you're also serving cake. The berry compote is pretty and the pistachio honey adds sweetness while the greek yogurt has a nice softness without being too heavy."

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ВЂњSpring Supper Club”

Courtesy of Scarpetta

Menu Courtesy of Jorge Espinoza, Executive Chef of Scarpetta

1st Course: Braised Octopus

“The colors and textures of braised octopus with artichokes, marble potatoes, celery, and a scallion vinaigrette play so nicely off each other with acidity and a smoky aroma. And it always helps if the first course is beautiful to look at.”

2nd Course: Roasted Beet Salad

“A combination of raw shaved vegetables and cooked beets with ricotta is a perfect complement to the rest of these dishes.”

3rd Course: Spaghetti With Tomato and Basil

“A light pasta course like Scarpetta's famous spaghetti tomato and basil is always a winner. Just make sure there's an intensity in taste-newly-picked basil helps with that.”

4th: Twice Baked Lemon Cake

“Because it's already semi-humid in the spring, a cake with ivory lime cream, milk jam, macerated blackberries, and lemon sorbet is ideal since it's balanced in citrus and its accentuation in lemon makes it perfect for the season.”

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ВЂњBy the Sea”

Courtesy of Point Royal

Menu Courtesy of Geoffrey Zakarian, Executive Chef of Point Royal

1st Course: A Seafood Tower

“A real show stopper is a plateau de fruits de mer like our Point Royal version comprised of oysters, clams, blue crab claws, pink shrimp, whole Maine lobster, and Alaskan king crab. It's perfect for cocktail hour at the reception because nobody can resist a monster tower of seafood perfection. Plus it's all healthy!”

2nd Course: Baby Lettuces Caesar Salad With Sourdough Croutons

"Caesar salad while simple, is spectacularly well suited for a first course. Yummy, salty and a perfect start to the dinner."

3rd Course: Butter Poached Lobster Roll

“A butter poached lobster roll with a mustard sauce is a yummy finger food and when served in a bun next to a glass of bubbly, it's simply amazing."

4th Course: Custard SoufflГ© Cake

"Cake is common at a wedding, but a custard soufflé cake with sugared apricots, black walnuts, whipped crème fraîche? No that's superior to most desserts and will be the talk of the meal.”

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ВЂњThe Botanical Table”

Courtesy of The Loyal

Menu Courtesy of John Fraser, Executive Chef of The Loyal

1st Course: Ribbons of Jicama With Fresno Chili & Blood Oranges

“Ribbons of jicama liberally doused in a blood orange vinaigrette with just a hint of cayenne are a delight for the senses and crisp and bitter treviso leaves and crunchy fried shallots will leave guests wanting more of each bite.”

2nd Course: Tandoor Carrot, Whole Wheat Couscous, Meyer Lemon

“It doesn't get any more farm-to-table than heirloom carrots braised and charred on the tandoor and tossed with a spiced whole wheat couscous salad that has dates, preserved lemon, piqillo peppers, mint, and feta.”

3rd Course: Steamed Baby Veggies With Garlic Rice

“An assortment of tiny vegetables served with garlic scented rice, kimchee salt, and enriched dashi broth would impress even the pickiest vegetarian.”

4th Course: Chocolate Cake With Passion Fruit and Amaro

“A rich dark chocolate vegan cake rolled and glazed in more chocolate, accented with passion fruit purée and a coffee cocoa nib crumble? Your wedding just won the best dessert award.”

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ВЂњThe Best of Britain”

Courtesy of Claridge's

Menu Courtesy of Martyn Nail, Executive Chef of Claridge's

1st Course: Scallops With English Asparagus in Nantaise Sauce

“The arrival of the asparagus season truly marks the arrival of finer weather in Britain and this delicate dish uses the very best British seasonal ingredients: diver scallops, fresh English asparagus, and peas.”

2nd Course: Smoked Trout Vichyssoise

“This is a great soup for spring because it can be served chilled or hot. It's a beloved classic potato leek soup upgraded with smoked trout, but you can also use smoked duck, or for an indulgent course-langoustine and caviar. Très Claridge's Kitchen.”

3rd Course: Roast Beef With Yorkshire Pudding, Creamed Spinach, and Gratin

“A classic British dish that's hearty and perfect for a hungry crowd at a wedding.”

4th Course: Rice Pudding

“Vanilla-infused rice pudding is the perfect end to any meal: creamy, rich and comforting. We top ours with baby pink new season rhubarb and mint to balance the sweet sugary vanilla.”

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ВЂњGold Coast Brunch”

Courtesy of Elm

Menu Courtesy of Luke Venner, Executive Chef of Elm

1st Course: Tuna Tartar With Watermelon and Avocado

“Raw tuna with refreshing watermelon and creamy avocado is the perfect first bite when you gather with friends and family on a warm weekend.”

2nd Course: Ramp Pizza

“Ramps pushing through the ground are one of the first signs of spring as nature's toast to warmer weather. Not to mention the fact that they're fantastic on a pizza.”

3rd Course: Eggs Benedict With Smoked Salmon & Wasabi Bernaise

“I embrace tradition when it comes to comfort foods, but I also love the addition of something intentionally misplaced-like the wasabi in this classic brunch dish every craves at a post-wedding brunch.”

4th Course: Ricotta Zeppole With Strawberry & Rhubarb Compote

“There's just no better way to cap off a meal (or a celebratory weekend) than these jelly-filled donuts and rhubarb is at its prime in the spring and early summer months. With its tart and astringent flavor, it's the perfect marriage with the succulent strawberries.”