The Pros and Cons of Doing a Choreographed First Dance

The Pros and Cons of Doing a Choreographed First Dance

So you think you can dance? Probably not, which is probably why you're debating doing a choreographed first dance in the first place. Join the club! While learning all the right moves will boost your confidence and at least make you look somewhat competent, it's certainly not for everyone. Here are six factors you'll want to consider before fully committing to choreography.

Pro: Your Friends and Family Will Love It

From a guest's perspective, there's nothing more yawn-inducing than watching a couple sway back and forth to a slow song for four minutes straight. A choreographed dance, be it to an upbeat tune or something sweet and romantic, will have your guests up, on their feet, and fully engaged in the moment.

Con: It Can Come off as Stiff

… And awkward and way too rehearsed if you're that couple that's literally counting every single step (not so discreetly, we might add) throughout the entire dance. Our tip? Choreograph small sections and improv the rest. A few dance lessons prior to the big day should give you all the confidence you need to wing it and look like naturals out there.

Pro: It's a Fun Way to Bond With Your Future Husband

Speaking of dance lessons, you'll definitely want to sign up for some privates if you're doing a choreographed piece. This can be a wonderful way to sneak in some quality time with your fiancГ© without feeling like you're slacking off on the whole wedding planning thing. Not to mention, exercise is also a great stress reliever, plus new experiences are scientifically proven to keep the spark alive in long-term relationships.

Con: It's Another Thing to Remember

If you're easily overwhelmed or experience performance anxiety, then adding choreography into the mix may not be the smartest move. After all, your wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion, not one where you're stressed out all day about getting the steps right during your first dance as husband and wife.

Pro: It May Help You Hold Back the Tears

The goal is to move the audience to tears, not ruin your own makeup, right? Because a choreographed first dance requires your full concentration, it's a great distraction if you're worried about crying.

Con: It's an Extra Expense

Unless one of you is a professional dancer, dance teacher or has any experience with choreography at all, you're going to have to hire help and that costs money. For couples on a budget, even a small expense such as this (a few hundred bucks or so for a couple of lessons) could break the bank or be better allocated elsewhere.