6 Show-Stopping Modern Ceremony Backdrops

6 Show-Stopping Modern Ceremony Backdrops

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Suspended Ceremony Installation

Jenn Emerling

This couple's ceremony space was a modern, bright-white space and the grooms designed their hanging installation to complement the setting. The installation was a bright-pink triangle suspended overhead which represented “the sacrifice of the LGBTQ people who fought to make our day possible, our gratitude to the strong women in our lives, and the everlasting change that we will inevitably experience both together and apart throughout our lives,” they said.

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Floating Branch Installation

Shannen Natasha

The bride asked the couple's florist to create a 30-foot asymmetrical installation that was hung from the ceiling. The piece was made entirely of dried lunaria (and took two full days to create!), which wonderfully complemented their light-filled atrium setting.

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Marble Ceremony Backdrop

Meghan K. Sadler

For a couple that wanted their wedding to be modern with lots of clean lines, they opted for a 12-foot-tall marble wall that served as their ceremony backdrop. Mocha-colored draping added softness and an ethereal feel, as did the low arrangements of lush wildflowers. The overall look was light and airy, and complemented the couple's art-gallery setting.

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Oceanside Ceremony

La Lumiere

We love the combination of hanging Edison bulbs and the lush walls of greenery and flowers, all woven into the modern, freestanding structure (not to mention the gorgeous ocean backdrop).

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Asymmetrical Floating Backdrop

Jeremy Chou Photography

If your ceremony venue has tall ceilings, emphasize the height with a suspended backdrop installation. This asymmetrical design is comprised of fall foliage and dried branches; a low arrangement of pampas grasses was placed alongside to help ground the designs.

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Asymmetrical Backdrop

Anny Dmitrieva

For a ceremony backdrop that is elegant and organic, check out this arrangement of dried grasses arranged in an asymmetrical, arching shape to look as if it is gently blowing in the wind.