The Best Sex Scenes in Movies You Can Stream Right Now

The Best Sex Scenes in Movies You Can Stream Right Now

As a kid, movie sex scenes were the parts your parents made sure to fast-forward through. As an adult, though, sometimes these sexy sequences are the ones you get off to. And to aid in your search for quality on-screen lovemaking that you don't need an incognito window to enjoy, we've rounded up 32 films on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and beyond, that you can watch online right now-and we've told you at exactly what point things get hot and heavy. (Yeah, you're welcome.)

"American Pie"

Sex o'clock: 36:10, 1:22:23

Some of the sexy time is interrupted with comic relief. But don't worry, we skipped the pie scene entirely.


"Art of Loving"

Sex o'clock: 3:17, 23:02, 1:13:42, 1:28:30, 1:34:06

This Polish film tells the story of Michalina Wislocka, a gynecologist and sexologist determined to teach people-you guessed it-the art of loving.

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"Sex o'clock: 35:13

And you thought books were just for reading…


"Basic Instinct"

Sex o'clock: 2:50, 34:48, 1:11:35, 1:44:31, 2:00:28

We must warn you that the first promiscuous scene of this neo-noir erotic thriller takes a nasty turn at 4:10.


"Below Her Mouth"

Sex o'clock: 00:01 (No joke), 23:45, 32:31, 49:27, 58:49, 1:17:10, 1:22:19

A fashion editor is all set to marry her male fiancГ© until she meets a woman named Dallas.

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"Blue Valentine"

Sex o'clock: 31:19, 38:22, 59:10, 1:05:02, 1:35:25

Michelle Williams. Ryan Gosling. That's all you need to know.

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Sex o'clock: 1:15:09, 1:23:34

A woman going through a divorce finds comfort spending time with an aspiring female photographer.



Sex o'clock: 38:48, 1:27:18

Come for the sensuality, but stay for the enticing desserts.

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"Duck Butter"

Sex o'clock: 15:16, 27:10, 30:58, 36:57, 41:26, 47:19, 1:08:08

Two ladies decide to get to know each other by having sex every hour on the hour. Why the hell not?

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"Fifty Shades Freed"

Sex o'clock: 8:58, 28:05, 42:50, 52:14, 1:01:34, 1:38:40

Insert joke here about the third installment finally bringing the trilogy to a "climax."


"Fragments of Love"

Sex o'clock: 13:42, 22:58, 30:16, 40:30, 1:06:54, 1:25:49

A woman regales her latest romantic interest, a music composer, with stories of her past lovers.

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"Goodbye Lover"

Sex o'clock: 5:14, 13:09, 22:22, 53:47, 1:09:46

Ellen DeGeneres is in this movie! She is not in the sex scenes.

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"Last Night"

Sex o'clock: 1:14:30

Both parties of a young married couple are tempted to cheat on the same night. (Fair warning: The sex scene is a movie spoiler.)

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"Love and Other Drugs"

Sex o'clock: 4:08, 30:23, 32:48, 42:25, 56:13, 1:32:07

A friends-with-benefits situation becomes complicated. But when does a friends-with-benefits situation not become complicated?

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"Lust Stories"

Sex o'clock: 35:31 7 1:35:55

The Indian anthology film consists of four short segments, each exploring the messy line between love and lust.

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Sex o'clock: 7:10 (kinda), 16:42, 53:49, 1:11:35

Ahead of his own marriage, a wedding photographer develops a voyeuristic side hustle.



Sex o'clock: 5:42, 17:02, 21:37, 25:09, 49:09, 59:27, 1:01:14, 1:10:02, 1:23:27

Newness is a modern romance that explores the implications of dating app hook-ups, open relationships, and true closure.

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"The Notebook"

Sex o'clock: 32:18, 1:21:15

"It wasn't over for me… IT STILL ISN'T OVER." Iconic.

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"Original Sin"

Sex o'clock: 16:45, 32:02, 1:00:07

With so much chemistry between Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, it's a wonder screens aren't exploding.


"Outlaw King"

Sex o'clock: 45:16, 1:27:53 (for a glimpse of-forgive us-Pine wood)

In addition to a sex scene, we also get an extremely brief viewing of Chris Pine bearing "the full monty," as he put it to ET.

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"Perfect Sense"

Sex o'clock: 30:05, 43:20

An epidemic causes humans to lose their senses.

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"Reindeer Games"

Sex o'clock: 18:01

Putting the X in X-mas, as it were.

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"Sex and the City: The Movie"

Sex o'clock: 29:40, 1:46:57

You knew this was coming. Pun intended.

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"She's Gotta Have It"

Sex o'clock: 5:07, 27:11, 39:36, 1:06:42

Spike Lee's classic sees an indecisive woman caught between three equally gorgeous, equally problematic men.

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"Sleeping With Other People"

Sex o'clock: 22:38, 42:15, 1:01:44, 1:12:30

Another movie about friends with benefits and complications.

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"Spring Breakers"

Sex o'clock: 31:45, 59:05, 1:20:07

Did you ever want to see a threesome starring James Franco with cornrows and a grill? Here's your chance.

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"Sex and LucГ­a (LucГ­a y el Sexo)"

Sex o'clock: 23:04, 28:31, 30:59, 59:10, 1:11:08, 1:17:34, 1:28:33

The name kinda says it all.

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"Thanks for Sharing"

Sex o'clock: 44:45, 1:05:27, 1:26:20

Three recovering sex addicts work to get their love lives back on track.

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"Tulip Fever"

Sex o'clock: 3:39, 22:35, 31:13, 42:53

A married noblewoman has an affair with an artist. Oh, and there are lots of tulips.

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"Y Tu MamГЎ TambiГ©n"

Sex o'clock: 0:37, 3:36, 53:13, 1:05:14, 1:31:45

This Mexican coming-of-age tale follows two best guy friends as they set off on a cross-country road trip with a beautiful older woman. You can guess what happens next…

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"28 Hotel Rooms"

Sex o'clock: 0:55, 6:25, 8:47, 20:08, 28:10

A relationship that started as a one-night stand drives this film, which takes place entirely in various hotels.



Sex o'clock: 32:45

The regulars at Studio 54, the world-famous New York City discotheque, have more than their share of sexy secrets.

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