This "Game of Thrones" Bridal Shower Puts All Others to Shame, Shame, Shame

This "Game of Thrones" Bridal Shower Puts All Others to Shame, Shame, Shame

A major miss for now-married "Game of Thrones" star Rose Leslie. A bride-to-be's coworkers threw her a "Game of Thrones"-themed bridal shower that takes the iron throne when it comes to pre-wedding parties. In fact, all others should just be ashamed.

After Caitlin's fiancГ© bent the knee, her coworkers at Humanscale decided to throw her an in-office bridal shower inspired by one of her favorite shows. "Half of our office is obsessed with 'Game of Thrones,' including Caitlin," the bride's coworkers explained to E! News, who first reported on the pre-(red) wedding party.

On the big day, Caitlin's coworkers turned their office break room into Westeros, outfitting the space with edible dragon eggs, a mini castle, and other goodies inspired by the HBO series. They even made a crafty iron throne for their very own Khaleesi.

Like Jon Snow, the bride-to-be knew nothing and her coworkers went to great lengths to keep it that way. "I've been working on the Iron Throne for three days in our back closet (so Caitlin wouldn't see)," Riley Andreu, another Humanscale employee, shared.

The bride-to-be "loved it for sure" according to her coworkers. With a crown on her head (of course) Caitlin and her subjects-ahem, office mates-noshed on avocado "dragon eggs," "Game of Thrones" beer, and yummy pastries. (No word yet if Sansa's favorite lemon cakes were served.)

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This isn't the first bridal shower to take on Westeros. Other brides and their bridesmaids have stolen some inspo from the series and thrown showers and bachelorette parties that even Cersei Lannister would approve of.

Who needs dragons? This Khaleesi got her very own iron throne cake.

A sword for the bride; Penises for her ladies in waiting (naturally).

If only you could deliver these via raven…

All women must party.