Everything You Need for a Killer Girls Night In

Everything You Need for a Killer Girls Night In

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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Courtesy of Ultimate Ears

Dance party, anyone? Play your favorite throwback jams or the latest pop hits through this high quality, super portable Bluetooth speaker. With 360 sound, it's super durable, waterproof, and can play incredible quality sound for up to 10 hours straight. To really kick things up a notch, you can even pair it seamlessly with a second speaker. Sorry, neighbors.

SHOP NOW: Target, $99.99

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Dr. Roebucks Daintree AHA Brightening Mask

Courtesy of Dr. Roebucks

Bringing your entire girl gang to a quality spa can be quite the hassle, but you can get the same luxurious and effective treatments from your couch. This brightening mask by Dr. Roebucks is a natural brightening and exfoliating treatment that helps to solve dullness, and uneven textures and tones. Infused with caviar lime and Kakadu plum, simply apply a thick layer over the entire face, leave for 10-20 minutes, and rinse off to reveal cleaner, purified and glowing skin.

SHOP NOW: Sephora, $28

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Never Have I Ever

Courtesy of Never Have I Ever

Anyone who has played Never Have I Ever before can attest that laughs and incredible stories soon follow. Now available in a card pack, your crew will be faced with questions asking if they've ever “Done the walk of shame,” and other steamy or controversial life experiences. Paired with rule cards to keep the game even more interesting, it's guaranteed to add a bit of spice to your night in.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $24.97

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Mint Cotton Woven Throw

Courtesy of Allswell

Oh how we love you, Allswell! Grab this soft and playful throw in muted mint that will leave you feeling like you're wrapped in your comfiest sweater. Kick back with your favorite chick-flick and get your cozy on.

SHOP NOW: Allswell, $80

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Ketel One Botanical

Courtesy of Ketel One

Embrace your inner mixologist and serve up some fresh, fun cocktails for your squad. Newly released Ketel One Botanical-available in Grapefruit and Rose, Cucumber and Mint, and Peach and Orange Blossom-provide for perfect end of summer vibes, while being distilled with real botanicals and natural fruit essences. Pair with seltzer, sprites, or in fun frozen cocktails to get the party going.

SHOP NOW: Boxed, $29.99

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P.F. Candle Co. Jar Soy Candle

Urban Outfitters

Keep the beach vibes going with P.F. Candle Co. Coconut Grove soy candle, with notes of coconut water, citron, crushed coconut leaf, and pink musk. Made using domestically grown soy wax, cotton core wicks, fine fragrance oils and apothecary inspired packaging, each candle is hand-poured in an amber glass jar with a simple label and brass lid. Love.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $20


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