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Boho Brides Will Love These Butterfly Hair Embellishments

Boho Brides Will Love These Butterfly Hair Embellishments

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Painted Desert Fairy Crown

Courtesy of Wild & Free Jewelry

Channel your inner fairy princess with this ethereal headpiece, composed of pastel butterflies and a lace ribbon closure. (Painted Desert Fairy Crown, $70, Wild & Free Jewelry)

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Meadow Monarch Crown Set

Courtesy of Free People

To describe this Monarch masterpiece as eye-catching, doesn't do it justice. This vibrant beauty is bound to stand out in the crowd. And that's the goal, right? (Meadow Monarch Crown Set, $128, Wild & Free Jewelry for Free People available at Free People)

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El Cielo Fairy Crown

Courtesy of Wild & Free Jewelry

And the bride wore floral… and a heavenly halo of hand-painted feather butterflies. Added bonus: This enchanting crown counts as your “something blue.” (El Cielo Fairy Crown, $75, Wild & Free Jewelry)

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Fly Away Floating Hair Clips

Courtesy of Free People

A trio of delicate, laser cut, metallic clips is a more modern way to add whimsy to both long and short styles. (Fly Away Floating Hair Clips, $18, Free People)

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Monarch Fairy Hair Clips

Courtesy of Wild and Free Jewelry

Planning a woodland wedding? Give your tresses The Secret Garden treatment with a flock of colorful Monarch clips. Perfect with a side-swept plait or fishtail braid. (Monarch Fairy Hair Clips - Set of 20, $45, Wild & Free Jewelry)

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LED Butterfly Crown

Courtesy of Free People

Featuring glitter-dusted flutters and LED light-up wires, this stunner is perhaps better suited for the runway than the aisle, but it's so wow-worthy we had to include. ​(​LED Butterfly Crown, $​248​, Viva Delfina available at Free People)​