8 Boozy Escort Card Ideas

8 Boozy Escort Card Ideas

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Escort Card Flags in Shot Glasses

Sylvie Gil Photography

You could make these shot glass escort cards by printing guests' names on adhesive label paper and DIY-ing the table-number flags using stickers wrapped around wooden skewers.

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Miniature Moscow Mule Mugs

Carrie Patterson Photography

Cheers to these teeny tiny Moscow mule mugs that doubled as escort cards! The mugs were hand-lettered with each guest's table number and displayed on an oversized board for guests to peruse.

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Cocktail Stirrers

Judy Pak Photography

Recreate something similar by making cocktail stirrers out of wooden stirrers and circle-shaped stickers. Write each guest's name on a cocktail stirrer and display them in highball glasses that have been painted with letters in alphabetical order (by last name).

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Beer-Themed Escort Cards

The Kama Photography

Love beer? Name your tables after your favorite types of ales and then tie escort cards to bottles of locally made craft brews. Display the beer bottles in wooden caddies and encourage guests to pop them open and take a sip.

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Whisky Bottle Escort Cards

Matteo Crescentini

Since the groom's favorite drink is a Manhattan, this couple passed out miniature bottles of Maker's Mark with tags attached that listed the guest's seating assignment as well as recipes for the bride's and groom's signature cocktails.

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Wine-Themed Escort Card Display

Matteo Crescentini

Instead of using numbers, name each reception table after a favorite type of wine. Create a similar escort card display by filling wooden wine crates with moss and fresh grapes, then staking escort cards using wooden skewers.

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Glasses of Champagne

Kreate Photography

At this couple's wedding, guests arrived at cocktail hour and were greeted with a table laden with glasses of champagne, with escort cards attached to the rim. Because who wouldn't want to walk into a room and be immediately handed a glass of champagne?

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Bottles of Tequila

Amber Gress Photography

Tequila your booze of choice? Get the party started by passing out miniature bottles of Patron with escort cards tied around the neck.