10 Genius Smart Home Items That'll Actually Improve Your Day-to-Day Life Together

10 Genius Smart Home Items That'll Actually Improve Your Day-to-Day Life Together

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August Smart Lock Pro

Courtesy of August

Let your lover in when they've locked themselves out for the umpteenth time with this smart lock, which lets you control your front door from virtually anywhere via your phone. Or, you can set a 'digital key' code to give to friends and family that need access to your space, which is especially useful for times you're both out of the house and need your neighbor to walk the dog or water your plants.

SHOP NOW: August, $229

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Eight Mars+ Mattress

Courtesy of Eight

Get better, more personalized sleep-even as a pair. Even aside from its fancy tech, Eight's smart mattress is super comfortable thanks to premium foam layers with pocket-spring coils. Its highlight for couples, however, is the dual zone temperature control, which lets you each set the exact warmth on your side of the bed. And after dozing off, this connected mattress tracks 15 factors of sleep, including your heart and breathing rates, deep and light sleep, time slept, and tosses and turns. Users then get nightly data to help them improve the quality of their zzzz's, meaning there's more restful nights ahead for you both.

SHOP NOW: Eight, $1,299 (with mattress options starting at $999)

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Nest Learning Thermostat

Courtesy of Home Depot

For when you'd rather cuddle in bed than get up and adjust the A/C, this smart thermostat lets you change the temperature with the swipe of your finger. “This makes it the ideal gift or purchase for couples who love to travel because their thermostat can be controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet to give them peace of mind that they're not wasting money and energy while gone,” says Elizabeth Mathes, Director of Smart Home at The Home Depot, who adds that homeowners that install a Nest thermostat generally save 10-12 percent on heating bills and 15 percent on cooling bills. “It pays for itself in less than two years,” she adds. Total score.

SHOP NOW: Home Depot, starting at $249

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Coravin Model Eleven

Courtesy of Coravin

The ideal gadget when you and your new spouse desire very different glasses of wine with dinner: The Coravin wine preservation system lets you pour your favorite without opening the bottle, meaning you don't have to rush to drink the rest since it won't go bad. And in their finest and latest release, Model Eleven, the brand goes digital. Electronic key functions make it easier to use than older models and it will connect with Coravin's app-for controlling your pour sizes, getting wine recommendations, and checking system stats-all via Bluetooth.

SHOP NOW: Coravin, starting at $999.95

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Coway Airmega

Courtesy of Coway

Keep your sacred space free of dust, particulates, and allergens with this smart air purifier. The Airmega has a stylish design to beautifully blend into your home, and the WiFi connected versions can be controlled via iOS app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home, sensing what is happening with the air in your crib in real-time, so you can make sure you and yours are breathing in only the good stuff.

SHOP NOW: Coway, starting at $549

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Bose HomeSpeaker 500

Courtesy of Bose

There are plenty of smart speakers out there, but few this handsome and discreet that can still fill a large room with such quality sound-and reorder La Croix on Amazon for you. The best part about this Alexa-integrated speaker, though? Bose lets you turn her on and off, meaning you don't have to worry about her listening to all your private conversations with your honey.

SHOP NOW: Bose, $399.95

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Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer

Courtesy of Belkin

Set the mood for a romantic night in before you even get home from work. This smart dimmer connects to WiFi and can be controlled by an app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home and easily replaces the standard dimmers around your home. If one of you has left the lights on (again), you can turn 'em off with the tap of a button-and it pairs with Nest's thermostat so you can further conserve energy while you're away.

SHOP NOW: Belkin, $59.99

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MEATER Smart Meat Thermometer

Courtesy of Amazon

Let's say you like your steak medium rare, but bae likes it a true medium well. With this trusty, leave-in-your-dish smart thermometer and app, you can both get your desired temperature. Just insert the probe into your meat, set your cook temperature in the app, and then follow along to its easy instructions, which will precisely tell you when to remove your grub and even accounts for meat resting times.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $69

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Samsung SmartThings Hub

Courtesy of Samsung

This might be the most important smart gadget of all. It wirelessly connects all of your other smart devices so they seamlessly work together, and allows you to easily automate devices throughout your home. No need for multiple apps to control everything anymore-this “hub” is compatible with hundreds of SmartThings accessories and other smart products and the Wifi version doubles as a fancy pants mesh wifi router (the kind that gives you better coverage in large spaces or through thick, concrete walls).

SHOP NOW: Samsung, starting at $69.99

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Hestan Cue Cooking System

Courtesy of Hestan Cue

If neither of you bring kitchen skills to the marriage, the Hestan Cue can help. It's an all-in-one cooking system-led by top chefs with easy-to-follow video recipes-that automatically controls cooking temperature and time using Bluetooth technology and embedded sensors. What's this all mean? You probably won't overcook your eggs, or anything else for that matter.

SHOP NOW: Hestan Cue, $499.95