Drake Bell and Josh Peck Open Up About Their Feud in a New Video

Drake Bell and Josh Peck Open Up About Their Feud in a New Video

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Remember Drake (Bell) and Josh (Peck) from the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh? Of course you do; their step-brotherly love and mutual hatred of iCarly Megan made them kid TV icons, forever in our collective memories as BFFs. Now, the bromance is back on after a mini-feud erupted when Josh (who is now hot, by the way) didn't invite Drake to his wedding.

Earlier this summer, Josh got married surrounded by family, friends, and John Stamos (they costarred on the short-lived sitcom Grandfathered; also, he's John Stamos, and probably so fun at weddings), but not Drake Bell, who that day tweeted: "when you're not invited to the wedding the message is clear… " and "True colors have come out today. Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I'll miss you brotha." We didn't know why Bell wasn't invited, or what had come between them, but our hearts were just a little bit broken.

However, eager to put the drama behind them, Drake and Josh reunited just this past week at MTV's VMAs, and all seemed well, as Josh posted a picture of the two embracing with the caption "hug me," a reference to their in-show catchphrase.

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Now we know that things are for sure peaceful in the Drake and Josh kingdom, as Josh just posted a 10-minute (!) video titled "Drake and Josh Reunion" about that night at the VMAs. With his arm around Drake, Josh tells the viewers, "You're welcome, childhood." (Thanks!) Drake says, "It just feels right." And yes, they did sort of address the wedding drama. Drake tells Josh the wedding "looked like it sucked anyway." I mean, it's good that they can laugh about it, but also, the wedding looked gorgeous.

"It's all love. Always been love," Peck says in the video. And yes, our hearts are just a little bit warmed by it. Thanks for saving our memories, boys.


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