7 of the Prettiest Wrapped Wedding Bouquets

7 of the Prettiest Wrapped Wedding Bouquets

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Mummy wrap be gone! Long gone are the days of bouquet stems tightly wound in shiny satin ribbon being considered cool. Now, all we want to see are beautiful, hand-dyed, loose ribbons cascading off of artfully asymmetric bouquets. That's not so much to ask, is it? We would describe this style as, dare we say, romantic and almost old-world… a combo we're really into. So don't restrict those stems! Adorn them with the prettiest ribbon you (or your florist) can get their hands on. Here are seven of our favorites-you're welcome ahead of time.

Avec L'amour Photography

A springy bouquet with long, layered pastel ribbon works perfectly with the delicate poppies and maidenhair fern.

From Silk and Willow Instagram

A bouquet that ombrГ©s from citrus to a pale pink deserves a thick silk ribbon in the softest yellow to complement it.

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

With lots of greenery and hits of dark flowers, this bouquet wrap is best kept simple with a couple of meandering thin, white ribbon.

Photo Courtesy of Silk and Willow Instagram; Photographer: Lynette Boyle

The perfect ribbon for a sunset bouquet of dusty sweetpeas and vibrant orchids is the softest peach.

Photo by Tec Petaja

Add a little party to your bouquet with layering not one, not two, but THREE different colored ribbons around your stems! We love how perfectly the burgundy ribbon matches the deep red of the ranunculus.

Matt Horan Photography

Call us suckers, but we love a silk chiffon ribbon. Especially one that looks so luxe it could be liquid gold (if liquid gold was the perfect pale buttermilk).

A large bouquet of lilac that looks freshly picked doesn't need anything else but simple, complementary gray ribbon.


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