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59 Wedding Boutonnieres Your Groom (and You!) Will Love

59 Wedding Boutonnieres Your Groom (and You!) Will Love

Just about any bloom will work for your groom's wedding boutonniere, but why stick with pretty-yet-predictable picks? Sure, you love bold peonies and roses in your bouquet, but your guy will likely prefer a more understated addition to his lapel. Luckily, there's no shortage of ideas for the groom's boutonniere that look great, coordinate with your bridal blooms, and feel masculine.

So how do you pick the perfect wedding boutonniere that will earn your guy's seal of approval and still feel like a cohesive part of your floral design? Start with the color. White, green, and yellow are all popular shades for the groom's bout, but if you're set on matching his bloom to your pink bouquet, consider a more muted hue. Soft peach or orange-infused coral will keep the boutonniere in the same color family without looking too feminine.

Another great way to balance out his boutonniere is with the addition of bold greenery. Fresh herbs, leafy greens, or a modern succulent are all great additions to softer hued flowers - this way, you can feel free to pick a colorful bloom. Or go with one large succulent, a cluster of greens or berries, or a barely-there off-white cluster of non-traditional wedding flowers - we like perennial astilbe or clematis - for a look that expresses a more modern style.

More and more couples are swapping out the traditional floral wedding boutonniere in place of something more understated. Pick a cool pin, like a mustache or arrows, or a meaningful family heirloom, like a vintage key, and accent with pale-hued berries, wheat, or greens for a look that he'll surely love.

In an effort to help you and your husband-to-be select the perfect boutonniere, we rounded up 59 great ideas that you two are sure to love. From the totally classic to the modern and whimsical, there's no shortage of inspired ideas to dress up the groom's lapel.

Sara Wilde Photography

A boutonniere made of dainty gold arrows and accented with brunia berries, dusty miller, and greenery, created by Sweet Woodruff.

Dekker Photography

A boutonniere of muted pink, peach, and green flowers, including Annabelle roses, dusty miller, and greenery, created by Cattleya Flowers.

Redfield Photography

A purple clematis boutonniere created by Sebesta Design.

Abby Jiu Photography

A small white gardenia boutonniere accented with dusty miller created by Amaryllis Floral and Event Design.

Corina V. Photography

A green succulent boutonniere with red floral accents, created by Make My Day Count.

Jac and Heath Photography

A simple boutonniere comprised of berry and gum leaves and additional greenery, created by Petal and Pod.

Jon Schaaf Photography

A ribbon-tied boutonniere made of astilbe and greenery, created by Mallory Joyce.

Janae Shields Photography

A yellow and green boutonniere comprised of mini tulips and herbs, created by Amy Burke Designs.

Aga Jones Photography

A rustic, twine-wrapped boutonniere comprised of a single white ranunculus and greenery accents.

Gavin Farrington Photography

A red-and-orange calla lily boutonniere, wrapped in twine and accented with greenery, created by Amy Burke Designs.

Amy and Jordan Photography

A succulent boutonniere, accent with snowberries and dusty miller leafs, created by Designs by Jeremiah.

Kelly Brown Weddings

A white and green boutonniere comprised of hydrangea blossoms, berries, and acorns, created by Martha's Gardens.

Callaway Gable Studios

A classic boutonniere comprised of off-white roses created by Butterfly Floral and Event Design.

Randy Barnes of Alpine Wedding Photography

A rustic thistle boutonniere created by New Leaf Design.

Cappy Hotchkiss Photography

A simple succulent boutonniere created by Karen Lenahan Designs.

Jill Thomas Photography

A boutonniere comprised of succulents, cotton, and balsawood flowers, tied with rustic string, created by Twigg Botanicals.

Chloe Moore Photography

A modern boutonniere comprised of a succulent, protea, and buds, created by The Little Branch.

Marni Rothschild Pictures

A cream rose boutonniere with leafy accents, created by Sara York Grimshaw Designs.

Erich McVey Photography

A bright pink garden rose boutonniere created by Wisteria Lane Floral Design Studio.

Harrison Studio

A bold orange ranunculus boutonniere created by Enflora.

Jocelyn Filley Photography

A classic white boutonniere comprised of a single overblown ranunculus created by Island Ambiance.

Khaki Bedford Photography

A pink garden rose boutonniere with dusty miller and greenery, created by Jonica Moore Studio.

Laura Goldenberger Photography

A mustache pin boutonniere accented with dried wheat and flowers.

Laurie Bracewell Photography

A classic white and green stephanotis boutonniere created by Wicked Willow.

Teale Photography

A boutonniere made of red and purple artificial flowers and a vintage skeleton key, created by Grand Floral.

Mark Eric Weddings

A boutonniere comprised of a single peach ranunculus, silver brunia, and tied with black and gray ribbons, created by Nola Flora.

Marni Rothschild Pictures

A cream rose boutonniere tied with green ribbon, created by Sara York Grimshaw Designs.

Paula O'Hara Photography

A boutonniere comprised of eucalyptus and fresh herbs, created by Floral Earth.


A white and green boutonniere comprised of hydrangea blossoms and a green garden rose, created by Falls Flowers.

Chloe Moore Photography

An air plant and peach ranunculus boutonniere created by The Little Branch.

Riverbend Photo Studio

A boutonniere made of white ranunculus and greenery accents, created by Anna Held Floral Design Studio.

Shannon Michele Photography

A succulent boutonniere with red berries, created by Branch Design Studio.

Vue Photography

A white ranunculus boutonniere, accented with greenery and snowberries, created by Oak Leaf Florist.

Photo by Jenelle Kappe

This groom kept his look formal with a black tuxedo from Alton Lane and white bow tie. His white orchid boutonniere tied together with a black and white dotted ribbon.

Courtesy of Hot Metal Studio

Florist Elaine Pisarcik paired a succulent with cotton and greenery for this laid-back groom's boutonniere.

Courtesy of Heather Hawkins Photography

Florist Megan Wilkes created a heat-friendly boutonniere comprised of succulents and pink hypericum berries.

Courtesy of Kristin La Voie Photography

A pale purple boutonniere comprised of lavender and a purple-and-white spider mum, created by Steve's Flower Market.

Courtesy of Michael Falco of Christian Oth Studio

A sweetly fragrant spring favorite with up to 10 tiny bell-shaped flowers on each stem, this beauty originated in Africa and represents innocence and friendship.

Courtesy of Jill Thomas Photography

A textured boutonniere with viburnum berries, raspberries, ferns, and millet, and tied with a ribbon.

Courtesy of Jonathan Young

When people think "wedding flower," this bloom often comes to mind. With its trumpet shape and elegant air, the calla lily more than stands up to its meaning: regal.

Courtesy of Karolina Kuras

A rustic boutonniere comprised of a succulent, sprigs of lavender, seeded eucalyptus, and wheat, created by Blooms and Flora.

Courtesy of Paula O'Hara

A fresh boutonniere comprised of eucalyptus leaves and greenery.

Courtesy of Lindsay Docherty

A whimsical boutonniere in an arrangement of acorns, freesia bud, privet berries, and seeded eucalyptus.

Courtesy of Kelly Hornberger

Carrying a bouquet of this exotic beauty on your wedding day is not only a sign that you love a dramatic touch but that you are a woman of refinement and charm, its symbolism.

Courtesy of Levi Ely

A fresh air plant boutonniere fashioned with gold seeded eucalyptus.

Courtesy of Ozzy Garcia

Your groom will certainly stand out wearing a stylish miniature wreath fashioned from fresh greenery on his jacket.

Courtesy of Chaz Cruz Photographer

A custom navy blue suit with a subtle light blue tie was adorned with a rose boutonniere, brown shoes, and turtle cufflinks.

Courtesy of Brumley & Wells

For a tropical destination wedding in Nicaragua, this groom paired his two-tone ensemble from Suit Supply with an elegant boutonniere of white bougainvillea, unripened mandarin oranges and seasonal local foliage.

Courtesy of O'Malley Photographers

A natural berry boutonniere combining hypericum berries, white spray roses and eucalyptus leaves are tied together with a peach silk ribbon. This boutonniere pairs perfectly with a navy blue suit.

Courtesy of Chris Spira Photography

How's this for a modern look? A pastel sky blue hue calls for attention. Add a cool, crystal guitar pin and navy polka dotted bow tie for a bit of personal flair.

Courtesy of Just For Love Photography

Winter calls for rich, jewel tones. In addition to your bouquet and centerpieces, get your groom in the spirit with a seasonal boutonniere. We love the wintry mix of red carnation, blue thistle, willow eucalyptus and ivy.

Courtesy of Sarah Delanie

This groom paired a deep red ranunculus by Everly Alaine Florals with his classic black suit and bowtie.

Courtesy of Stoffer Photography

Marco Alexzondra Floral Design created this blend of rosemary, sage, snowberry, eucalyptus leaves, jasmine, fern, and white spray rose to serve as a sharp contrast in the otherwise subdued wedding colors.

Courtesy of Brett & Tori Photographers

This chic blend matched the bride's bouquet, all created by Laina Graf Florals.

Courtesy of Rochelle Cheever

This yellow rose boutonniere by Betty Flowers Santorini blended well with the soft tones of the groom's natural linen suit.

Courtesy of KT Merry

This stunning white orchid was created by Xquisite Events in Florida, and served as the perfect compliment to the timeless style of the wedding.

Courtesy of Elisa Bricker

The bride's uncle hand-made a fishing fly for each boutonniere because he and the groom both love the sport. This blend of white mjolika rose, dusty miller and astilbe was crafted by Virginia's Country Garden Florist.

Courtesy of Danielle DeFiore Photography

Petals and Pours created this blend of white ranunculus and greenery for a subtle statement.

Courtesy of Sally Butler at La Vie Photography

This twine-wrapped mini-bouquet by Lily and Co. is the perfect touch on a timeless black tux.