Go Bare: 39 Naked Wedding Cakes

Go Bare: 39 Naked Wedding Cakes

The old saying, "It's what's on the inside that counts," certainly applies to the naked wedding cake trend. No, you don't have to blush at the sound of this dessert-we promise, this is one aspect of your wedding day where it's totally acceptable to be in the buff.

Instead of frosting on the outside of the cake with layer upon layer of fondant or buttercream, many bakers are increasing the filling between tiers and leaving layers exposed for a fresh (and delicious) look.

Naked cakes rose to popularity in 2013, and as more bakers began to offer these creative confections, the style has been refined and completely elevated to a look that is definitely deserving of a place on your wedding dessert table.

Whether you're just not a fan of sweet frosting or love the rustic vibe of these bare desserts, a naked cake is a great option that allows you to have a more unique cake that still fits the "classic" mold. And with just as many ways to customize naked wedding cakes as their fully frosted counterparts, you'll be able to work with your baker to achieve a look that reflects your wedding style.

And though you don't get the extra frosting that comes along with a classic wedding cake, there are some pluses to going nude: Since these desserts don't have a barrier of buttercream and fondant, they tend to dry out faster. This means your baker will ensure it is freshly baked on the day of your wedding. And since they don't require as much prep time, they can be assembled with much less time to spare.

Ready for some major naked cake inspiration? Here are 39 of our favorites.

Photo by With Love by Georgie

An unfrosted confection, dripping with a chocolate glaze and dotted with lush pink flowers and figs.

Photo by Suzuran Photography; Cake by McPherson Events and Design

A naked cake with fluffy white filling, topped with a bundle of pink-hued blooms and rosy-red strawberries.

Photo by Corinna & Dylan; Cake by Sweet Bones

A classic yet rustic cake lightly frosted with white buttercream and garnished with fresh flowers and succulents.

Photo by Gabriel Cabrera Photography & Styling; Cake by Artful Desperado; Recipe Available Here

A rustic hazelnut blackberry naked cake with mascarpone cream.

Photo by Olguin Photography

A semi-naked chocolate cake dusted with white frosting and topped with a chocolate glaze.

Photo by Ashley Cook Photography

A three-tier cake adorned with a crawling vine of burgundy and beige blooms.

Photo by Artemis Photography; Cake by Love Bash Design

A naked chocolate cake with berries and fig fit for a whimsical, woodland wedding.

Photo by Leo Patrone Photography; Cake by Maribelle Cakery

An unfrosted wedding cake layered with raspberry jam.

Photo by Julia Elizabeth Photography; Cake by Front Street Bakery

A towering, three-tier vanilla cake with fresh flowers and delicious buttercream.

Photo by La Vie Photography; Cake by Jackson Hole Cake Company

A pink ombrГ© confection topped with petal-pink tulips.

Photo by Brandon Lata Photography; Cake by Buttercream Bakehouse

A semi-naked three-tier wedding cake adorned with wildflower-like blooms.

Photo by Emilie White

An unfrosted wedding cake topped with a bounty of berries.

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography; Cake by Sweet Hearts Patisserie

A three-tier naked vanilla cake filled with alternating layers of rose raspberry buttercream and salted caramel filling.

Photo by Sara and Rocky; Cakewalk Bake Shop

A naked wedding cake with a dusting of powdered sugar dripping with jam filling.

Photo by Katy Gray

A three-tier naked wedding cake trimmed with vines of eucalyptus.

Photo by Chris Isham Photography

A 12-layer vanilla cake with buttercream filling, topped with roses, greenery, and fresh strawberries.

Photo by Hights Photography

A minimalist-meets-rustic semi-frosted cake, adorned with a sprig of asparagus fern

Photo by Lisa Poggi; Cake by Roxane Floquet

A two-tier naked wedding cake drenched with dark chocolate and featuring a scattering of blueberries and figs.

Photo by Kate Olson Photo; Cake by Ava Bakes Cakes

A romantic confection decorated with roses and greenery.

Photo by Veronica Lola Photography; Cake by Seed to Sprout

A semi-naked wedding cake dotted with white blooms and sprigs of greenery.

Photo by Ashley Rae Photography

A desert-chic wedding cake topped with a cactus plant.

Photo by Merari Photography; Cake by Cloud 9 Bakery & CafГ©

A semi-naked rosГ© champagne cake with sweet cream frosting, fresh roses, and ferns.

Photo by Caroline Petters of Katie Osgood Photography; Cake by Momofuku Milk Bar

A whimsical confetti cake, decorated with jewel-toned dahlias.

Photo by Rachael Osborn Photography; Cake by Frosted Pumpkin

A romantic dessert of barely there frosting and lush blooms.

Photo by Kallima Photography; Cake by Little Island Design

A truly naked vanilla cake with fresh berries.

Photo by Jordan Voth; Cake by Kim Donker

A lightly frosted cake topped with fresh fruit and flowers.

Photo by Chaz Cruz; Cake by Lucky Bird Bakery

A three-tier semi-naked cake featuring layers of red velvet, chocolate, and carrot flavors and adorned with a smattering of glam gold foil.

Photo by Eliza & Elizabeth; Cake by S'more Sweets.

A naked cake topped with a handful of pink and red roses and peonies.

Photo by Gert Huygaerts; Cake by Sugarlips Cakes

A three-tier chocolate cake garnished with fresh blackberries.

Photo by Jessica Lorren Organic Photography; Cake by Earth and Sugar.

A semi-naked cake with white flowers and lush greenery.

Photo by Aaron & Whitney Photography

A tiered confection of chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream drizzled with a chocolate glaze.

Photo by Whitney Furst Photography

A single-tier wedding cake, topped with a large pink peony.

Photo by Chad Hansen for First Mate Photography Co.; Cake by Mayflour Confections

A carrot cake with cascading fall blooms.

Photo by Byron Loves Fawn; Cake by Seaweed Cuisine

An unfrosted chocolate mousse cake.

Photo by Crystal Stokes Photography; Cake by Sky's the Limit! Custom Cakes & More

A lightly frosted three-tier cake with fall berries and flowers.

Photo by Flora + Fauna; Cake by Sweet N' Flour

A single-tier naked cake topped with fresh berries and flowers.

Photo by Daniel Cruz Photography; Cake by Naked Cakes by Terry and Brier Rose Design

A single-tier naked vanilla cake with fresh flowers and greenery.

Photo by Feather and Twine Photography; Cake by Sugar Bee Sweets

A two-tier naked cake filled with berries and whipped cream.

Photo by Becca Borge Photography; Cake by Delliquez Custom Cakes N' Catering

A rustic three-tier naked cake with fresh greenery and berry accents.