8 Pretty Ways to Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Reception

8 Pretty Ways to Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Reception

Skip the boring napkin folds and instead, dress up your wedding reception table with creative, artful napkin stylings your guests have never seen before. From elegantly knotted napkins to perfectly draped linens, these eight ideas will take your reception place settings to the next level.

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Knotted Napkins

Luna de Mare

Soft, washed-linen napkins give your tablescape a soft, relaxed feel. Tie them in an elegant knot and place each napkin on guests' salad plates, along with color-coordinating flatware to tie the wedding palette together.

Loosely Rolled Napkins

Michael Radford

For a casual, unfussy look, place a loosely rolled napkin-with or without a ribbon tie-atop each plate. Be sure to coordinate your linen shades by selecting a napkin color that complements (but not necessarily matches) your table-linen hue.

Draped Napkins

Amanda Nippoldt Photography

If you aren't planning to have plates at each guest's place setting (often the case when you have a dinner buffet, since guests will pick up their dinner plate at the food station), then you'll need to come up with another way to mark each guest's spot. This is a simple solution: Drape each guest's napkin off the edge of the table-this will help demarcate each place setting while adding a pretty pop of color to the overall tablescape.

Loosely Gathered Napkins

Feather and Stone

Complement a loose and lush floral centerpiece with equally relaxed place setting. Instead of folding napkins into a tight rectangle, gather them loosely; add a beautifully calligraphed place card and tie them together with matching ribbon.

Napkin Square

Clayton Austin

Give your place setting a modern look by alternating the colors of the plates and napkins; next, fold each napkin into a crisp square. Add a sprig of fresh greenery and finish off the look with some luxe velvet ribbon.

Draped Napkin Under Salad Plate

Katie Lopez Photography

We love the clean, modern look of this monochromatic, all-grey place setting. Place the napkin beneath the salad plate, letting the napkin drape elegantly off the edge of the reception table.

Angled Napkin Under Salad Plate

Kayla Barker Photography

For a chic, unfussy look, we love the idea of tucking each guest's napkin beneath the salad plate. Loosely gather the napkin and place it at an angle before topping it with the salad plate; top off the place setting with a few sprigs of fresh flowers or greenery.

Napkin & Menu Bundle

Bradley James Photography

Keep your place settings neat and tidy by wrapping your napkin and menu card together with twine or string. Fold each napkin and place the menu on top; tie them together and top each bundle off with a sprig of greenery, like the olive branch featured here.