19 Ways To Use Balloons In Your Wedding Decor

19 Ways To Use Balloons In Your Wedding Decor

When we were kids, balloons were a sign of a party-birthday bash, pep rally, school dance, you name it. So why, now that we're adults, aren't they a thing for weddings, a.k.a. the single greatest party of our life, right? Well, it seems a bunch of people are asking that same question, because we, just now (yes, in 2017!), started seeing balloons pop up everywhere in the party circuit: at the engagement shoot, the bridal shower, the wedding reception, and more. And they're, of course, blowing up (ha ha) in the art scene too. If you're curious as to what this trend is all about, check out Charles PГ©tillon's installation of 100,000 white balloons in London's Covent Garden (it's magical!), Jihan Zencirli's colorful designs all over Los Angeles, and even Sugar & Cloth's desert wedding here on

Basically, all the kids are embracing balloons, and it's time for modern brides to get on board. To help you out and translate this trend to your wedding decor, we put our pro Instagramming skills to good use and discovered that you have a ton of options. And we are not talking about a "balloons tied at the party entrance"-type deal. No, it turns out people are getting really creative; think covering a statement wall with mini pink balloons, tying foliage-wrapped ones to table centerpieces, and hanging them from the ceiling. (Seriously, how do you even do that?) Lucky for you, we've got all the ideas right here!

Photo by Cotton Weddings

Make your portraits next-level by carrying a train of peach-colored balloons. (A gorgeous desert setting helps too.)

Photo by Sam Ortiz for Spring Street Social Society; Balloons by Geronimo Balloons

This rainbow of an installation is truly a work of art. Copy Geronimo Balloon's signature clustered look and check decor off your to-do list.

Photo by Ben Q Photography

Give your tables height by sprinkling oversize white balloons down the middle. If you want to hide the strings, use fishing line wrapped in foliage.

Photo by Emma Tunbridge; Production & Styling by Foxes Events

If you didn't know already, garlands are majorly trending. Take yours to the next level by mixing mini balloons-feel free to combine muted and bright tones, as shown here-with eucalyptus, flowers, or foliage.

Photo by Orange Turtle Photography

Add balloons to the getaway car. Done and done.

Photo by Bianca Virtue

Go big or go home with a wall covered in balloons. To keep it from overwhelming guests (and taking away from your shining moment!), stick to a singular palette, like the pale-pink one here. But feel free to mix up the balloon sizes; it'll look like you blew up each yourself (even if you didn't).

Photo by Rebecca Arthurs

This idea is simply perfection for a modern poolside bash. Tip: Add lighting or floating candles to make sure the display shines after dark.

Photo by Sanaz Photography; Design by GATHER Events; Production be Be Inspired PR; Lanterns by Under the Paper Lantern

Now, if you look closely, you'll see that these are actually paper lanterns-but don't fret! You can easily DIY this design using balloons. We love the ombrГ©-like colors and asymmetrical design as a backdrop for your photo booth or entire reception.

Photo by Birds of a Feather

If you and your groom are known as party animals, this is the look for you. This wedding looks like pure fun. (We're going to ahead and assume it was a ball!)

Photo by Lillian Hope Designs

Pop 'em up over the dessert table for an extra sweet treat.

Photo by J Wiley Photography

A colorful V makes for the perfect ceremony backdrop or photo op moment.

Photo by Cotton Weddings

Now this is how you exit in style.

Erin McCall Photography

Let guests know they've come to the right place by decorating the entrance to the ceremony with a giant cascade of balloons (done in pretty millennial pink, of course!). Paired with a fun welcome sign, the combo will get guests pumped and ready to party.

The Wright Brothers

A chic and modern ceremony backdrop idea: giant light-up marquee letters in your initials displayed on silver pedestals, paired with oversize white balloons floating at varying heights.

Caroline Tran

Instead of carrying a basket of petals, send your flower girls down the aisle holding a couple of big, tasseled balloons in your wedding color palette.

Lukas Griffin

Chic and slightly edgy, oversize balloons covered in black tulle and floating at different heights add a gothic touch to this couple's oceanside cocktail hour. Pair the balloons with black table linens and lounge seating for a dark-yet-romantic vibe.

Yuli Tovich

Following the ceremony, lead the way to the reception by lining the walkway with dozens of round, white balloons hanging from strings decorated with fresh greenery.

Ann-Katherin Koch

Instead of traditional floral centerpieces, opt for simple bud vases of greenery and rows of floating balloons connected by swags of festive gold garland.

Christina Karst Photography

This couple made sure guests knew where the sweets were with a floor-to-ceiling balloon installation positioned behind the dessert table. The vibrant sherbet-y shades of bright pink, orange, and yellow were the perfect choice for their modern Palm Springs celebration.