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11 Beautiful Ways to Wear Bridal Hair Accessories

11 Beautiful Ways to Wear Bridal Hair Accessories

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Bridal hair accessories can be tricky, but no matter what, they're always a good idea. The perfect embellished hair clip or lush flower crown can accentuate your wedding-day hairstyle without stealing the limelight. Whether you choose to wear your hair down, naturally curly, or in a classic updo, there's a hair accessory out there to add a little sparkle to your look.

From understated dainty hairpieces to timeless pearls with a modern flair, we've curated a bevy of looks to inspire your wedding-day vibe, straight from Instagram.

Below, 11 dreamy bridal hair accessories done right.

With a Braid

Play up a braided half-up style with a romantic, embellished crown in a similar shape.

Using White Blooms

Show off your boho side with loose waves and a lush flower crown.

With Your Curls

Accentuate beautiful bouncy curls with a flat headband that's just as shiny as your locks.

Slightly Hidden

For an understated look, weave a thin embellished hair pin into an updo.

As a Headpiece

If you're wearing your hair down and the vibe is vintage, a delicate multi-strand headpiece could be your answer.

With an Updo

Updo, check. Understated jewelry, check. Yup, this is the ultimate hair duo!

With an Extra-Long Bow

Romantic meets classic with a wavy ponytail accessorized with a sleek hair bow that's almost as long as the dress.

With a Dainty Barrette

Sultry beach waves are perfectly balanced with this half-crown of mini gold flowers.

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Woven into a Braid

Break up a piece-y, lived-in braid with a little texture spray and tiny clusters of sparkle.

Using Pearls

This modern chignon proves pearls are timeless. The raked-back 'do and multi-sized pearls give this style a whimsical vibe.

With Your Veil

A classic crystal-embellished headband never looked so good.


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