How to Get Along With a Disappointing Wedding Vendor

How to Get Along With a Disappointing Wedding Vendor

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When you're planning a wedding, you want the people who surround you to feel like they are all on your team, share your excitement, and are there to help you make your wedding day an event that's unforgettable (for all of the right reasons). That's why you ask your closest friends to be a part of your wedding party and you turn your reliable and trustworthy family members to help you check items off your to-do list before the big day arrives. It's also why you spend a lot of quality time researching wedding vendors so that you pick a team of professionals who can execute the vision you have been dreaming about for years.

Even if you read reviews of your vendors and meet them in person multiple times before signing a contract to work with them, it doesn't mean that once the planning begins there won't be hiccups along the way or even disagreements that stem from expectations gone awry. Wondering how to get along with a wedding vendor that you can no longer stand? Here are four ways to get through the wedding process without letting any of your vendors stress you out anymore than they already have.

Make Your FiancГ© the Point Person

If there's a wedding vendor that you just can't seem to communicate well with anymore, it might be time to turn your fiancГ© into their point person. Perhaps you just find yourself getting extra annoyed when talking to them or they just don't seem to understand your requests clearly. It might be time for you to change up the person they are speaking to and let your fiancГ© try their luck. If you decide to do this, fill your fiancГ© in on as many details as you can so that they are up to speed when reaching out to this vendor. That way, details won't be lost along the way.

Ask to Deal with Another Person at the Company

In the end, your wedding vendors should feel like they are one of your good friends, but they also have a job to do, and if the person you're working with just isn't doing their job or communicating with you in the way you need them to, it might be time to contact the company and see if there's another person there you can work with. You shouldn't be all twisted up inside when talking to a vendor.

Have a Real Conversation with That Vendor

Communication is key in any relationship, even the ones you have with your wedding vendors. If you find that you're butting heads with a specific vendor, sit down with them and have an honest conversation. You're going to be working very closely with them over a period of time and want to make sure that it goes smoothly. If it's not, have that chat with them so that you can bring up what you'd like changed and fixed so that the working relationship can run smoothly.

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Find Out What the Damage Would Be to Break Up

If you just feel like a certain wedding vendor is making you wish you ditched the entire idea of a wedding and eloped instead, see what it would cost you to end your contract with them. Review the details of the contract and see if there's anything in there that says you can leave and get your money back if the vendor performs in the way they are performing or see if there's a certain timeframe that you have to leave before you lose your deposit. If you're close to your wedding, see how much it would cost you to leave that vendor and find someone else to take their place. Then determine if the cost is worth it to you and your frustration levels.