6 Body Language Signs to Show Your Partner You're in the Mood

6 Body Language Signs to Show Your Partner You're in the Mood

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When you've been together for multiple years, the same old sex routine can get a bit tired. You might be weary of asking for sex or waiting for your partner to initiate.

Sometimes a little lusty body-language can change the game. Why? Because it feels good to feel wanted! That primal urge for touch from someone you love is super sexy. We're all for talking about sex and having trust in your relationship-these are the bedrocks of any healthy sex life and marriage.

So, look, communication is great, but sometimes subtlety is hot. Here are six body language signs you can employ to let your partner know you're looking to get some.

1. Rub your lower belly and thighs

Veg-out time with your boo presents surprisingly opportune times for seduction. Put your head on the opposite side of the couch and drape your legs over your partner's lap. While watching a show or hanging out, start lightly drawing circles over your lower belly and thighs. Tickle your way all over the area.

This will work especially well if you're wearing a nightie, a skirt, or shorts. You want your legs exposed. Exposed skin puts sex on the brain. You touching yourself will drive your partner nuts.

2. Lean in when you're snuggling

When your partner comes and sits down with you, lean into them. Make lots of eye contact. Eliminate as much space as you can between the two of you. Removing physical space heightens intimacy, which can elicit sexy feelings.

Plus, if you're close to their face, you're in a better position to lean in for a makeout session… which could lead to sex. Fingers crossed!

3. Slip a hand into your partner's back pocket

This PG-13 body-language move is an effective way to put sex on the brain. While you're taking a stroll, grocery shopping, or just standing in the kitchen, slip a hand into the back pocket of your partner's pants. It's like putting a hand on their lower back, only hotter.

This move is slightly erotic (butt-grabbing usually is) and intimate at the same time. It will spark thoughts about how much you love each other and how sexy you both are. It's a primal, possessive move that can be a huge turn-on.

4. Nibble your lower lip while you're chatting

Biting your lip is a simple and no-frills way to let your partner know you're feeling lusty. There are two different occasions when lower lip biting is employed: When you're thinking about something very hard or when you're turned on.

When your partner is telling you about his or her day, listen with rapt attention. Chew on your lower lip seductively between thoughtful questions. It will become clear that you're both very interested in your partner's feelings, as well as getting in their pants. A good listener gets more booty.

5. Place a hand on your partner's chest

When standing face-to-face, reach up and place a hand on your partner's heart-center. Be sure you're standing close enough to rest your arm against their abdomen.

You'll be able to feel their breathing and heartbeat, which can heighten arousal in long-term partners. It brings the two of you a sense of closeness than can easily be transferred into naked bedroom time.

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6. The down-under point

If you're trying to get your partner to low-key notice that you're trying to get laid and some of the other body-language techniques are not working-you can always go with the down-under point.

It's exactly what it sounds like: Use your hands to draw attention to your vulva. Point at it while you're talking to your partner, though we don't mean using your forefingers to literally jab at your lady bits.

Coyly use one hand to point at your vulva while talking to your partner. You can even take advantage of a height difference, should your partner be sitting down. We're not saying you should literally put your vulva in your partner's face, but you can get pretty close. Always pay attention to whether or not your partner is feeling it.

They won't be able to help but notice this physical sign. With any luck they'll see where you're pointing and then turn to your face for clues. When they make eye contact, give them that epic sexy smile.

Gigi Engle is a sex educator and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.


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