The Royal Family's First Same-Sex Wedding Happened This Weekend

The Royal Family's First Same-Sex Wedding Happened This Weekend

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Meghan Markle's marriage to Prince Harry, and Princess Eugenie's upcoming nuptials to Jack Brooksbank, aren't the only royal weddings on the docket this year. Queen Elizabeth II's cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, got married over the weekend and despite the short guest list and nary a paparazzi camera in sight, this royal wedding proved to be the biggest and most historical of them all. Why? Lord Ivar Mountbatten married his partner, James Coyle, marking the nuptials as the first same-sex wedding within the royal family.

On Saturday, Lord Ivar Mountbatten and James Coyle exchanged vows in a private chapel within Bridwell Park, a wedding venue in Uffculme, England. Sixty guests were in attendance, according to Indy 100, and although they had some so-called lucky wedding-day rain, the day was still “amazing,” according to groom Lord Ivar.

“Well we did it finally!” he wrote on Instagram, captioning a series of photos himself and his new husband in the rain, during the ceremony, and at the reception. The grooms wore coordinating velvet jackets-one in navy, one in green-and matching bow ties.

“It was an amazing day despite the miserable British weather,” Lord Ivar continued. “Fabulous service conducted by Trish Harrogate, chief Registrar for Devon, who set the perfect but lighthearted tone for what is a serious occasion. The accompanying gospel choir were amazing. Thank you so much to Bristol's Teachers Rock Choir for your superb singing. Most importantly a massive thanks to my 3 gorgeous girls for being so understanding and supportive, without their support this could never have happened! And finally the biggest thank you to James for being just perfect… #wedidit #wonderfulday#despitetherain”

Taking a page from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's book, Lord Ivar and Coyle reportedly asked for charitable donations instead of wedding gifts, with guests encouraged to donate to the spinal injury charity Regain.

This is Lord Ivar's second marriage. He and his ex-wife Penny divorced in 2011, before Lord Ivar came out publicly after falling in love with Coyle in 2016. However, Penny and Lord Ivar still maintain a pretty great relationship. In fact, Penny even agreed to walk her ex-husband down the aisle, a recommendation from their three daughters. “Future and former spouses,” Lord Ivar previously captioned a photo of himself, Penny, and Coyle on Instagram. “My daughters decided it was only right their Mum should walk me down the aisle and give me away to James. Here's hoping he won't say no at the last minute.”

Thankfully, all Coyle had to say was I do! Cheers to the happy (and history-making) couple.

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