4 Women Share Their Disappointing Proposal Stories

4 Women Share Their Disappointing Proposal Stories

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Life is made up of only a few really big moments-and your proposal is certainly one of them.

Whether you've grown up dreaming of this moment, or were totally caught off guard, or it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, all married people have a proposal story. But some of them are a bit different than others.

Maybe the weather, your outfit, the setting, or the ring wasn't exactly what you'd hoped for. Or, maybe it was just a giant disaster all together. (Hey, it does happen.)

Here are some real-life stories of when popping the question was, well, kind of disappointing.

"I was completely convinced he was going to propose during my family vacation to Disney World. Because of this, in the Florida summer heat, I blew out my hair, wore great outfits every day, and was purposefully camera ready at a moment's notice. It didn't happen. When he did propose, months later, it was on a Saturday where I was hungover, not showered, and threw on an outfit just to go for a walk and grab dinner at our favorite place. DEFINITELY not camera ready. Especially when we walked in and my entire family and all our friends were waiting for us. It was a lesson in spontaneity, the importance of showering, and how none of it really mattered the moment I said yes. Still wish the pictures were better, though." - Nicole

"We were in residency, and our two year anniversary landed during an away rotation in Portland. He was supposed to fly in and arrive at 6 p.m., but his flight got delayed by two hours. We had made reservations for 7:30 at a place where it's $25/pp just to get a reservation; months in advance. By the time we got there, it was 9 p.m. We tried to explain what happened; I immediately teared up and told them it was our anniversary, and we couldn't come back another day. We were seated at the bar until a table opened up at 10 p.m. I literally fell asleep at the table in the middle of this super fancy restaurant. So clearly, no proposal. The next day, we drove to spend the next few days in a romantic cabin in the woods. He proposed the next night in our cabin, after dinner. He had two picture frames: One with maps of Atlanta and Philadelphia captioned, 'We came from different places 777 miles away from each other' and the other with maps of Honolulu and Portland with the captions, 'We met here, and our first date was September 20, 2014.' And, 'We got engaged here, September 23, 2016.' Of course, by that point it was September 24, 2016, and we were no longer in Portland. But I said 'yes' anyway." - Nancy

"The proposal wound up happening, just didn't go the way I planned. Before I could get the boat steady for her to get on, she stepped in and fell in the lake. So I was left with, 'Do I still propose, or got with Plan B'-which there was none. She was so miserable because she was soaked head to toe, so I asked, 'Do you want to row out still, or no?' She said, 'Just a little' since she was already soaked. In my head I'm like, 'Sh*t, she's literally soaked and miserable,' but I had planned out for my proposal to be on the lake and had no backup, so I just went with it. I wrote her poems so I took it out of my pocket said, 'I wrote this for you, will that cheer you up a bit?' She said, 'always.' So, I read it and the last line was, 'Will you marry me,' and I pulled the ring out and she started to cry. But I told her, 'I'm waiting until we row back before I put this baby on.'" - Stephanie

"It wasn't like, super disappointing, but my husband proposed on the beach when we were visiting his family. It was wonderful except, in my wildest dreams I didn't imagine him to be holding a bag of dog poop while popping the question. We had taken the dog for a walk and well, it happens." - Christina

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