The Ultimate Sex and the City Bachelorette Party Guide

The Ultimate Sex and the City Bachelorette Party Guide

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No television show (or movie) better depicts the value of good girlfriends and fast-paced life in New York City quite like Sex and the City.

Throughout the series and films, fans have seen romances blossom, friendships grow, relationships tested and of course incredible restaurants, cocktails, and shopping.

Whether you're more of a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte, grab your bachelorette squad and head to the Big Apple for a SATC weekend that would make the fab foursome proud.

Sexy sweets.

Sit outside and indulge in one of Magnolia's famous (and insanely delicious) cupcakes, just like Miranda and Carrie. Regardless of where your city travels take you, there are six locations throughout Manhattan for you to get your sweets on.

Carrie's Brownstone, 66 Perry Street

We're still a bit confused as to how a freelance writer can afford those insane digs, but nevertheless, posing in front of Carrie's beloved apartment is a must. The iconic brownstone in the West Village (not at 245 East 73rd Street, her address in the show) will give you all the feels as you snap a photo with the large double doors and famous steps in the background. Just remember to be respectful and keep in mind it's a private residence, not really hers.

The Pleasure Chest, 156 Seventh Avenue South

Made famous by the show, The Pleasure Chest is the place to go to stock up on sexy toys, tools, lotions, and movies. Go crazy-it's your bachelorette, after all. Grab some goodies for your honeymoon and beyond knowing that both your love and Samantha would approve.

Tao, 42 East 58th Street

The party of four hit up Tao for an opening-night party on the series, so what better way to celebrate your bach than with a bash at the famed hot spot? With both uptown and downtown locations, you can enjoy fresh and innovative sushi offerings, delectable small plates, dim sum, delicious cocktails, and more.

Shop Till You Drop

OK, so the girls weren't exactly budget shoppers, but who doesn't love a good deal? Save some dough while still splining on designers you'd find in Carrie's closet at Century 21. (She was seen shopping here in the show, too.) At the FiDi location at 22 Cortland Street, you'll enjoy seemingly endless floors and aisles of designer duds at affordable prices, perfect for snagging a slammin' outfit for a night on the town.


Share some adult beverages and play some old-school games, or just see and be seen at Slate. This multi-level lounge, bar, and club in the Flatiron District is a perfect place to party the night away. Since the ladies put cosmos on the map (and played pool here with Aiden in Season 4), why not indulge, dance, and celebrate to your heart's content-or until your Manolos start hurting.

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If navigating through the city to conquer this itinerary seems a bit overwhelming, you're in luck. There are a few different Sex and the City tours you can choose from to let a guide be, well, your guide. On Location's Sex and the City Hotspots Tour runs daily and offers different tours by neighborhood, swinging by locations any fan is sure to swoon for, including stops for cupcakes, shopping, and more.


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