The Worst Things People Have Said to Engaged Couples, Newlyweds, and Those Married for Years

The Worst Things People Have Said to Engaged Couples, Newlyweds, and Those Married for Years

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The people in your life are the ones you rely on to shower you with love and support. But your friends and family members are human, and sometimes, they can't stop themselves from saying things that make your eyes bulge with disbelief. You might be focused on seeing your future spouse at the end of the aisle, basking in the honeymoon phase, or even working through the ups and downs of marriage, when-bam!-someone in your life tosses you a snide remark or has totally clueless comment. These brides-to-be, newlyweds, and married women share the one thing that made them stop in their tracks. Here's hoping you can avoid them!

“'I can't believe you're okay with having a baby bump on your wedding day!' I was pregnant at our wedding and couldn't believe how many people had something to say about it as our wedding day approached. Clearly there was nothing I could do about it, and putting the wedding off was not an option.” -Erika

“My ring was a little too big, so I took it to the jeweler to have it resized. He told me it was obnoxious!” -Danielle

“My dad told me I'd been disrespectful for not inviting my preteen stepsister to my adults-only bridal shower-you know, the one that I hadn't planned; I was just the guest of honor!-because my friend brought her (infant and nursing) baby with her when she flew in from out of town to attend.” -Stephanie

“We were together for years before getting engaged. The worst were people's 'well-meaning' offhanded comments, like 'Wow, finally! I was worried this would never happen!' Um, I'm sorry my life didn't line up with your expected timeline of how I should live. (NOT SORRY!)” -Maria

“The night of our wedding, my uncle stopped me to congratulate us… and then asked when we were having our first baby. He proceeded to invite himself to the baby shower, even after I told him we weren't planning on having kids for a few years.” -Susan

“When we were taking family photos, my photographer missed a few shots on the list I'd given her, so my dad had to ask for photos of my husband and me with him, his mother, and his siblings. He accused me of leaving those pictures out on purpose and only caring about my mom's extended family!” - Jackie

“The most shocking comment I got was from none other than the groom's father-the morning after our wedding! He looked at me and said, 'You were really willing to date a man who was divorced and who already has kids?' He was more clueless than anything else and couldn't understand why a single girl would want that baggage.” - Allison

“Six years after I got married, I ran into an old friend from college who said to me, 'I can't believe you're not divorced yet.' I had to explain to her that just because I wasn't a relationship gal in college doesn't mean that many years later I haven't changed.” - Sharon

“My husband and I were having some issues with communication and trust. I confided in a few friends about the tough time we were having and one of them said, 'I can't wait to plan wedding number two for you!' It wasn't the love advice I wanted when I was venting to her.” - Debbie

“I ran into my old high-school sweetheart at the supermarket when I was engaged. I hadn't seen him in 16 years! He looked at my ring and said, 'Clearly you settled.' He was a big-time finance guy and the guy I was marrying was a construction worker. That didn't bother me. It clearly bothered him.” - Izzy

“My maid-of-honor got really drunk like 12 years after my wedding and told me that she hated the dress I made her buy and wear. She hated it so much she cut it up into a bunch of pieces before throwing it out, thought about mailing those pieces of fabric to me.” - Renatta

“The meanest thing anyone has ever said to me came from my mother-in-law. Before I went to walk down the aisle, she looked me in the eyes and said, 'I wish this day wasn't happening. But it is. But it is.' Then she turned, walked down the aisle, and put on a fake smile. Life has been awkward around her ever since.” - Josie

“My husband and I went to couple's therapy to work some stuff out and after the first session, the therapist said, 'I think you shouldn't have gotten married when you did. You should have dated for another few years because you two are a rough match.' It was a major shock!” - Michelle

“I told my coworker that I had something very important to tell her. Then I showed her my pregnant belly and she said, 'Pregnant? I thought you were going to tell me you were getting a divorce!' She knew that my husband and I were arguing lately but like it was still a big conclusion to jump to that we were going to call it quits.” - Ashley

“The person didn't say it to my face, but I overheard a friend of mine tell another friend that she should literally do the opposite of everything I did for my wedding. She told the other person that my wedding was extra tacky.” - Cheyanne

“A friend of a friend took a look at my engagement ring, right after I got it, and said she saw the same one at a discount store and swore the diamonds on mine were fake. I was offended and went to a jeweler to confirm the diamonds were real and they were.” - Gaby

“I posted on Facebook after I got engaged and someone I barely knew from high-school wrote: LOL that's funny. Thought you'd be single forever.” - Ruth

“I married a man 18 years younger than me. People say the darndest things to me all the time. Once, my husband introduced me to a friend of his and the friend blurted out, 'That's your wife? I thought it was your mother!' - Laura

“My hubby and I have been married for 23 years. One time, at a restaurant, a stranger came up to us and said that we looked like we were having a miserable time together at dinner. We replied, 'Nope! That's just called marriage!' - Colleen

“After I got married, a distant relative told me he wasn't giving us a wedding gift because he questioned if we'd make it a year.” - Beth

“One of my closest friends once told me she was in love with my husband and confessed that she almost tried to break us up before we got married. I was totally freaked out and upset. I stopped talking to her and I never told my husband about it.” - Quinn

“My boss told me that he was happy I was engaged but that If I was planning on having kids soon I should think twice because it would compromise my career and job at that company. I quit three months later.” - Tracy

“My wife and I have been married for two years. People in our town aren't so accepting of gay marriage so we hear a lot of noise when we're out together. One guy once said to us that we're a disgrace and god will punish us if we continue this sin. We laughed, kissed, and went on about our day.” - Allison

“My mom offered me $20,000 not to marry my husband. She never liked him and even after I turned down the cash and have been married to him for five years, she still thinks I made the wrong choice.” - Shannon

“I saw that some random girl wrote on my husbands Instagram picture of him and our family, 'Ew. That's your wife? You could have done better.'” - Rochelle

“Before I married my husband, his mother printed out a document and told me that I have to sign a prenup because she's not convinced I'm marrying him for any reason but his money. I was so pissed and upset. I didn't sign it and 16 years later, we are still married and I am still proving her wrong.” - Betsy

“My dad told me that I was a horrible person because I wouldn't let him walk me down the aisle. He was absent from my life for the last 18 years and I only see him once a year now. He's the horrible person.” - Veronica

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“My maid-of-honor and I got into a huge fight during my wedding planning time. After my wedding was over, she sent me an invoice for $1,500 asking me to pay her back for all the money she spent on my wedding. I never spoke to her after that. I didn't pay it either.” - Marissa

“A second-cousin told my husband that I was crazy and he should back out from marrying me. This was a week before our wedding. My second-cousin and I fought a lot growing up. I confronted her about that and she denied the whole thing. Ten years later and I still refuse to speak to her.” - Tara

“I almost called my entire wedding off because my dad told me that the man I was marrying was a disgrace because he didn't ask my dad for permission to marry me. My dad caused such a ruckus that it almost ended my relationship.” - Sherry