8 Creative Ways to Incorporate Greenery Wreaths Into Your Wedding Day

8 Creative Ways to Incorporate Greenery Wreaths Into Your Wedding Day

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Turns out, greenery wreaths can do more than just hang on doors at Christmastime. In fact, they can be used every season of the year! Seriously, there are so many ways to decorate your big day with everyone's favorite holiday ornament. When pulling our favorite pictures and ideas, we spotted wreaths in all shapes, forms, and sizes in almost every aspect of the wedding day. Take the VW bus adorned with a giant wreath up above, or the mini versions at each place setting you'll see below as proof. Seriously, there are so many ways to add this holiday tradition to your wedding day. And not to mention: Your wreath doesn't have to made from fraser fur at all! We love the idea of trading in traditional Christmas greenery for unexpected option like magnolia leaves, eucalyptus, olive leaves, juniper, or even succulents.

And of course, you're welcome to personalize the wreath for the season of your wedding by adding additional decor, like a giant red bow for a December wedding or big, bright blooms comes spring. Keep scrolling for more inspo that'll match your wedding style whether it's classic or boho or glam. Oh, and last but not least, we have to mention maybe our favorite part of adding wreaths to your wedding decor: It's cost staving! Yes, using greenery in favor of singular blooms with cut your floral budget.

Here are our favorite ways to use wreaths in your wedding-all year round!

A Welcome Entrance

greenery wreath

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Photo by Clark Brewer; Planning by Calder Clark

Tell everyone where to go by putting something gorgeous at the entrance of your reception. This wreath-which is filled with white hydrangeas and white roses-looks especially great paired against this rustic bark backdrop.

An Altar Backdrop

Palm Frond-Covered Circle Installation

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Photo by James + Schulze

Wreaths can be used for a beautiful wedding ceremony altar backdrop. This palm front-covered one is perfect for a tropical destination wedding but you can also use flowers, leaves or twigs depending on the style of your event.

The Escort Card Display

wreath escort card display

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Photo by Erin McGinn

Make your escort-card display do double duty as a statement backdrop. In order to recreate this look, have your florist (or do it yourself!) cover hoops with greenery and hang them from a ceiling or wall with invisible fishing line. We love that this look is both modern and romantic thanks to the sleek shape and lush greens.

An Overhead Installation

greenery wreath installation

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Photo by Carley Rudd; Flowers by Wylie West Creative; Art Direction & Styling by Anne Sage

Forget decor on the table when you can put it up above. In fact, we couldn't be more obsessed with this modern display of intertwined wreaths-it's a fresh modern approach to greenery decor at the reception.

Chair Decor

Caroline Lima Photography

Upgrade your seats by typing a mini wreath to the back of the bride and groom's chairs. It'll look great in your hundreds of photo ops-plus it'll tell all your guests where the guests of honor are seated.

Place Cards

Spoon Fork Bacon

We all know that a mini version of almost anything is adorable, and these mini-mini wreaths are no exception. These place cards add a special touch to each place setting, and we're sure your friends will enjoy taking them home as a wedding favor, too.

A Flower Crown

wreath crown

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Photo by Anna Page Photography

Give your flower girl a crown like this little wreath made of olive branches. She'll look adorable-we just know it!

The Getaway Ride

wreath on boat

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Photo by Bottega 53; Planning by Centorose un Tulipano

No matter if you're exiting by boat or in that groovy VW bus up above, you can always add a final touch of decor to your getaway ride. We love how this couple tied greenery wreaths to the top of their boat-it tied into the rest of the day's decor and also made for one stunning photo op!