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The Most Unexpected Ideas for Your Something Blue

The Most Unexpected Ideas for Your Something Blue

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When you've exhausted all possible ideas for your something blue, it's time you start thinking beyond customized handkerchiefs and blue bridal bouquets. While these classic something blue ideas will never go out of style, you might be searching for a slightly more unexpected way to incorporate this traditional hue into your big day. In that case, why not get creative with your wedding hair and makeup?

To help you check both your bridal beauty look and your something blue off your wedding to-do list, we're sharing the most unexpected-but totally wearable-ways to wear the ceremonious color from your mane to your mani.

Ahead, seven wedding hair and makeup looks that'll have you feeling the wedding blues in no time.

Baby-Blue Lids

Courtesy of Colourpop

Most brides won't think to attempt a bold shadow look on their day at the altar, but when done correctly, a single pastel color on the lids can look totally fresh. Pair baby-blue shadow with a natural-looking face and subtle lip to nail the look.

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Navy Smokey Eye

If you're looking for an update on the classic smokey eye, take the look up a notch with a pop of navy glitter on the center of your lids. The look will still feel modern, even when you flip through your photo album years from now.

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Indigo Eyelashes

Courtesy of Target

If you're the type of bride who tends to shy away from eye shadow, you can still make your eyes pop with a little something blue. A few swipes of indigo mascara will make your eyes twinkle-without making you feel completely out of your element.

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Ombre Underliner

Getty Images

By now, we already know the power of lining the lower lash line-but have you considered swapping your go-to black liner for a shade of blue, or better yet, multiple shades of blue? Start with the lightest shade on the inner corners and create a gradient effect with darker shades at the outer corners.

Cobalt Cat Eye

Courtesy of Sephora

Chances are, you've already pinned a lifetime's worth of wedding-day makeup inspiration, most of which probably include a cat eye. We fully support your affinity for a wing, but one in a shade of eye-catching blue will set you apart in a sea of cat-eye wearing brides.

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Something Blue Mani

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

The easiest, but perhaps most impactful, way to wear blue on your wedding day is on your nails. There are countless shades to choose from, and there's no better complement to your beautiful new wedding ring than a fresh mani.

Blue 'Do

This one requires the most commitment of all, but if you're already known for bold hair hues, there's no better time to go blue. Play with highlights, dip-dye ends, or choose an all-over color to make the biggest statement on your big day.

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