7 People Ask Their Exes for Dating Advice

7 People Ask Their Exes for Dating Advice

When you're single, dating advice seems to fly straight at you, from all over the place, all the time. You can find yourself clicking on more articles than your brain can handle to find out how to level up your dating profile and get more people to message you. You can ask your nearest and dearest friends for advice on where you should go to meet other single people or how you should present yourself on a first date.

For some people, the art of asking an ex for dating advice is not only where they received their best dating advice, but also a hearty laugh along with it. Read on to find out what these seven people found out about themselves and the way they should date in the future, according to an ex.

I Need to Be More Chill

“My ex told me that I'm too much on dates and need to be more chill. He said talk less, smile more, and pretend to be interested in them since he thinks I always make the conversation about me. We dated for four months and he said he almost didn't ask me to be his girlfriend because on the first date I gave him a headache.” -Diane R., 43

Use Three Photos

“My ex actually saw me on a dating website and messaged me to tell me I needed more photos. I had only one and he said it was blurry and not a good photo of me. He suggested I have three photos, one headshot, one full body, and one of me having fun. I liked his advice and appreciated it.” -Morgan T., 38

I Need to Hire a Coach

“I ran into an ex from many years ago at a networking event. He said he met his wife because he hired a dating coach. I told him I was having trouble meeting people and he gave me the coach's number. It was good advice because, in two sessions, I learned so much and went from having no first dates to having six lined up for the next two weeks.” -Roxy E., 34

I Shouldn't Try Online Dating

“My ex-husband (we've been divorced more than five years and are still friends) told me never to try online dating because I'm too picky and I also make a better impression in person. He said he's been on different sites for a few years and it's been awful and that I shouldn't waste my time. I've never tried online dating but a part of me wants to and then prove him wrong.” -Raquel B., 43

I Need to Be Honest

“After my ex and I broke things off last summer, I asked him for dating advice, and he said that I need to be honest about my baggage. I have two kids, a terrible ex-husband, and a lot of debt. My ex didn't know any of that until three months in, when he was already in love with me. He feels like I duped him and thinks I need to be honest on date one.” -Tori E., 37

I Need to Change My Look

“I didn't even ask my ex for dating advice but he texted me to tell me that If I ever want to date again I need to lose weight, get hair extensions, and maybe even botox because all the girls he is meeting, after breaking up with me, look much better than I look. I blocked his number and didn't do any of that. I am who I am.” -Brenda H., 41

I Need to Lie About My Job

“Had coffee with an ex-boyfriend from my past who told me that the reason I can't find a new boyfriend is because I'm too successful and need to lie about my job. He said guys will be intimidated that I'm a VP at a tech company and make almost a half a million a year. I literally laughed in this ex's face and was clearly reminded why we didn't work out.” -Sharon W., 39

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I Need to Find Someone Like Him

“I did an experiment where I contacted three of my ex-boyfriends and asked them for dating advice. Only one responded, saying, 'Good luck dating. Find someone like me because I'm the kind of guy that can put up with a crazy woman like you.' While it wasn't exactly advice, it did spark me to think about what I'm looking for in a person and also made me write out all the qualities I'm proud of in myself. I'm not letting anyone write me off as crazy when really I'm a badass.” -Michelle S., 29