Gary Oldman Proposed to His Wife While Dressed as Winston Churchill

Gary Oldman Proposed to His Wife While Dressed as Winston Churchill

As far as unforgettable proposals go, Winston Churchill getting down on one knee and popping the question is probably as memorable as they come. Gary Oldman, who plays the late British political leader in the highly acclaimed film The Darkest Hour, just revealed that that's just how he proposed to his now-wife. On the set of the movie, Oldman-while still dressed as Churchill-proposed to his love, Gisele Schmidt. Not a bad strategy, Gary. Who would say no to Winston Churchill?

During his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Oscar-nominated actor explained his, uhh, unique proposal to his wife. "There was a break in the filming, and we had talked about it, and I just felt the urge," Oldman told host Jimmy Kimmel. "We were down in the war rooms, and I took her into the back room. And as Winston Churchill, I said, 'Will you marry me?'"

In case you've yet to catch the flick, here's a little reminder of what Oldman looked like in his Winston Churchill garb:

She said yes.

After accepting the proposal from Winston Oldman, Schmidt wasn't able to celebrate with her love for long. The actor was quickly pulled back on set to continue filming, abruptly ending the-let's just say romantic-moment. "So you did not get the chance to consummate as Winston Churchill?" Kimmel teasingly asked, leaving his guest hilariously tongue-tied.

"It's funny you should say that," the actor said. "My wife has often said she went to bed with Winston Churchill but woke up with Gary Oldman."

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TBH, we don't blame Oldman for not wanting to shed his costume before he popped the question. E! News reports that the actor had to spend over three hours in the makeup chair every day while filming. And clearly, everything worked out. According to People, in August 2017, Oldman tied the knot with the art curator at a private residence in Beverly Hills.