Sarah Hyland Says Her Boyfriend Knows What Kind of Engagement Ring to Get Her

Sarah Hyland Says Her Boyfriend Knows What Kind of Engagement Ring to Get Her

Some people say you can get yourself into trouble by dropping hints about the engagement ring you want your partner to be holding when they finally get down on one knee. Sarah Hyland, for one, is throwing that advice out the window.

The Modern Family actress attended celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz's launch for the Eye Bangles, the designer's latest collection, and told Entertainment Tonight she's obviously thought about engagement rings.

“Um, I'm a 27-year-old woman, of course I have,” she said laughing.

TouchГ©, Hyland, touchГ©.

It's unfortunate that her boyfriend Wells Adams-a contestant on season 12 of The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise bartender-wasn't at the event to get a closer look at what caught Hyland's eye, but she says he doesn't need it.

“He knows what it is, so it's fine,” she said.

Hyland and Adams only took their relationship public a few months ago when she posted photos from a Halloween party of the two in their Stranger Things couples costume, but it sounds like they are thinking long term.

According to PEOPLE, these two first connected on Twitter and began flirting on the social media site last summer, but that wasn't the first time Adams showed up on Hyland's radar. She's a big Bachelor fan and has apparently had a not-so-secret crush on the radio DJ for some time now.

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Since then, the couple has clearly taken their love IRL and the actress can't stop gushing.

“Find someone who makes you laugh, who gives you butterflies every time they walk in a room, who supports you and recognizes your worth,” Hyland wrote on Instagram for Valentine's Day. “Someone that sees you at your best when you think you're at your worst. A partner and a best friend that encourages you to take those risks and pursue your dreams. Happy Valentine's Day @wellsadams ❤️ #toplutoandback.”

These sweet words are starting to sound like wedding vows to us!