A Snowy Winter Day is Officially the Most Romantic Proposal Setting

A Snowy Winter Day is Officially the Most Romantic Proposal Setting

Though summer is a great time to travel and people are often more relaxed and carefree, when it comes to proposing, it turns out winter is the best time. According to a new survey from Goldsmiths, the UK's largest luxury jewelers, that asked over 1,000 Brits, six in 10 people believe a snow-filled, winter day to be the best time to propose. And it seems that women are driving the winter wonderland proposal as 64% of women said the season was their number one choice for a proposal, compared to 54% of men.

Turns out both men and women prefer a snowy proposal over a summer holiday or beach proposal. Better start making sure you have cute boots and hats, soon-to-be-engaged friends! “Asking someone to marry you or being proposed to is one of the most memorable occasions in a person's life, and people go to great lengths to make sure the moment is perfect," said Craig Bolton, Executive Director at Goldsmiths. "Our research suggests that with autumn ranked as the least romantic time getting down on one knee-so if the leaves are falling it is not the way forward for wannabe-grooms."

Taking it a step further, a Christmas proposal was voted the ideal day for a proposal by more than half of those surveyed. Keep in mind the high-profile celeb couples who opted for the holiday proposal: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel as well as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, who also got engaged during the holiday season.

For a deeper dive, the survey looked at location as well: A proposal in Paris was considered the most romantic location by most, and Venice came in second place with 16% of the vote, followed by Rome and Florence, which both came at third place at 9% of the vote. Millennials were particularly partial to Florence with 24% of 18-24 year olds choosing this Italian city to propose, followed by Paris at 17% and then New York at 12%. But even though these proposals may be in absolutely stunning locations, three out of four of those surveyed wanted their proposals to be private-aka not entirely documented on social media (or at least not immediately.) Only 9% said they would want it to be highly publicized.

As for the cost of the ring one in three people said that they expected an engagement ring to be equivalent to one month's salary, while one in 50 expect the ring alone to be worth an entire year's salary! The engagement ring was considered the most important wedding tradition with nearly 60% saying it should take the top spot, followed by not seeing each other before the big day and cutting the cake.

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Perhaps people forget all about the downfalls of winter (i.e. feeling cold all the time, frostbite, the ice on the road, snow storms where you lose power, and constant darkness) and prefer to go with the Nutcracker version of the chilliest season-in this survey, 21% of people gave winter 10/10 on the romance scale. “We can now say beyond doubt that winter is the best time to pop the question and if you can time this to coincide with a snowy day, then even better!” said Bolton. Plus, you can always have a summer wedding!