5 Podcasts to Binge When Your Stress Levels are Rising During Wedding Planning

5 Podcasts to Binge When Your Stress Levels are Rising During Wedding Planning

With all the wedding stress, endless to-do lists, and quick decisions you need to make for your big day, it's important to have an outlet to turn to for an escape. As you get deeper and deeper into the planning process, you might notice that your friends are exhausted hearing about all your wedding details, your vendors are too busy to spend extra time with you, and the internet just seems overwhelming.

That's where wedding podcasts come into play. Consider them your wedding savior and a place to go when you just want to plug your ears and fill your mind with fun wedding advice. Here are the best five podcasts to binge when you start to notice your wedding stress levels rising during the wedding planning process.

1. Bridechilla

Think about that loyal, honest, and deeply funny friend that you have an imagine them dishing advice to you on a podcast. That's exactly what Aleisha of Bridechilla does week after week on this wedding planning show that covers the ins and outs of wedding must-have details, pop-up drama that you want to avoid on your big day, and the trends you should skip versus the ones you should splurge on for your big day. If you're finding yourself feeling lonely, anxious, and overwhelmed during the planning process, even having this podcast on in the background will give you a handful of reasons to laugh off pre-wedding stress.

2. From Ring to Veil

One of the major things that can happen to you while you're deep in the wedding planning blues is feeling like there's no more fun left in planning your big day. From Ring to Veil podcast should be your go-to show when you've just given in to too much stress and need a way to have your pre-wedding questions answered. Hosts Shannon Palmer and Kim Mills cover topics like how to write your own vows, whether or not you should just elope, and the meaning behind all the wedding traditions you feel forced to include.

3. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

When you start to feel like you're the only one in the world who is dealing with 99 problems before your wedding, you're going to need an outlet to help you remember that all brides have their own laundry lists of drama, challenges, and family members they wish they didn't have to invite. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast, hosted by Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez, share stories from real weddings so that you can learn from the mistakes of other brides and also steal some of their best wedding ideas for your own day.

4. Hey Bride

As you're doing all your pre-wedding research, one helpful spot to get advice is from a podcast that dishes interviews and tips from wedding vendors. Hey Bride, a show hosted by Susana RodrĐ“­guez, gives brides tips and tricks from wedding industry experts and former brides. It's a great podcast to binge during your commute or before heading to a vendor meeting so you know the right questions to ask.

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5. Wedding Confessionals

If you're looking to take your mind off your wedding to-do list by listening to a show that'll keep you engaged and laughing in the same way that your favorite reality show does, Wedding Confessionals is the podcast for you. Hosts Pam and Brooke talk about the things that nobody else is talking about: Should you change your name after your wedding? What if you show up late to a wedding? Who can you leave off your guest list? You'll get all your taboo wedding questions answered with this show.