Top Wedding Planners Predict What We'll See at the Royal Wedding

Top Wedding Planners Predict What We'll See at the Royal Wedding

At the BRIDES office, we're anxiously awaiting the royal wedding, obvi. And while we wait, we have so many questions: What will she wear? What's the party going to be like? Who's performing?

Of course, we consider ourselves experts on the subject and have many opinions of our own (some of us differing!), but even our questions won't be answered until Meghan Markle walks out of that beautiful carriage on May 19. So, because we're totally impatient and can only think about Meghan and Harry's impending nuptials, we called on some friends in the wedding industry to weigh in on the subject.

Below, six of the country's top wedding planners share their predictions for what they'll serve, what she'll wear, and what we may see after they walk down the aisle (if we're lucky enough to get photos of the reception and after-party!). But remember: These predictions are just that-predictions! That said, we did intentionally call on people who are kinda in the know. These planners have done parties for presidents, celebrities, and brides in the pages of our magazine. So if anyone knows what the wedding will look like, it's them, right?!

Keep reading to see exactly what they had to say. We'll be right here to discuss what you think come May 19th!

Bryan Rafanelli of Rafanelli Events

The dress: I am hoping Meghan's Ralph & Russo engagement dress is a hint to what she will wear on her wedding day. Because if so, I can see her wearing something a little daring. Erdem is known for mixing the delicate with the bold, which to me sounds just like Meghan herself.

The flowers: The lovely and talented Philippa Craddock will be designing the flowers. I understand the couple plans to use seasonal local blooms, which are always a favorite of mine. I expect Meghan to include some of the timeless royal family traditions in her bouquet, perhaps including a sprig of myrtle for symbolism and lilies of the valley as a tribute to Princess Diana. And because it has been reported that Meghan loves brightly colored peonies, I think she will incorporate these delicate florals into her bouquet to add a splash of color and modernize the traditional muted royal bouquets we have seen in the past.

Unexpected touch: I see Meghan and Harry donating in their guests' honor to a charity close to their heart. Prior to the wedding, I think it would be fabulous if Meghan might look to incorporate the Canadian tradition of hosting a Trousseau Tea. Also, fireworks over London to celebrate the royal nuptials with the entire city!

Marcy Blum of Marcy Blum Associates

The dress: I think there will be something ornate about the structure of her dress, perhaps an exaggerated peplum or detachable train.

The flowers: The florist Philippa Craddock is into a very organic style. I think the bouquet will be unstructured with the possibility of some colorful and local flowers.

The reception: While the lunch wedding reception thrown by the Queen is interesting, far more interesting is the dinner and after-party hosted by Prince Charles. In addition to the Spice Girls, I predict some very fabulous celebrity American performer and some subtle odes to the California roots of the bride.

Unexpected touch: I would love to see an all-out live band karaoke jam as well as bottle service and some truly amazing English entertainment, like the Rolling Stones!

Virginia Edelson of Bluebird Productions

The fashion: We anticipate seeing elements that celebrate the couple's individuality and shared story. This will translate to more clean lines for Meghan's dress.

The flowers: We see bountiful arrangements and flower-filled spaces. We predict the structure of the floral component will be looser and will feel more organic than a traditional and “tight" approach to wedding flowers.

Michelle Rago of Michelle Rago Destinations

The dress: We hope Megan will buck tradition and introduce more color (and perhaps a pattern!) when it comes to her fashion. If that feels too daring for her, perhaps she could add a colorful bridal bouquet of pink and blue flowers.

The reception: We think it would be exciting to move away from all whites and incorporate pastels with pops of bright flowers, fruits, and succulents.

The menu: We would like to see a reception menu that reflects a responsible stewardship of our planet with a sustainable food perspective. For instance, instead of a typical choice of filet mignon and tuna, perhaps a menu that features alternative cuts of beef and responsibly harvested seafood.

Jessica Sloane of Jessica Sloane Events

The dress: I think Meghan will wear two dresses like Kate did. Her first one will surely be classic and respectable, but with a modern touch. I expect long sleeves, but think they will be sheer. Meghan seems to have a bit more modern style than the rest of the royals, so I would not be surprised if her second dress is more fitted. I think we should expect at least a little drama from the Hollywood actress!

The flowers: Since Meghan is American and has a more modern vibe, I think the floral will be more whimsical than what Kate chose. We could possibly see more textures and varieties. For instance, I think we might see sleek orchids mixed with romantic garden roses.

The reception: There will be lots of gold details. I also expect that there will be a focus on sustainable and seasonal foods, possibly less traditional than past royal weddings.

Unexpected touch: The entertainment is a big question mark! What if Elton John and the Spice Girls performed together!

Potential impact on your wedding: I hope to see some incredibly whimsical hats with an artistic flair. Maybe this is a trend that will trickle over to the States. Wouldn't it be fun to see Americans wearing hats to weddings, especially outdoor ones?!

Beth Helmstetter of Beth Helmstetter Events

The dress: I envision a fitted gown made of custom lace. It will have a higher neck line and longer sleeves but will show a bit of back without showing too much!

The flowers: A timeless bouquet of Lily of the valley with a clean ribbon cuff.

The reception: The room will be shades of whites, creams, beige and neutrals. Candlelight tone, wood touches, and pewter over gold for accents such as flatware, vessels, and candlesticks. There will be taper candelabras everywhere!

Potential impact on your wedding: I love that they are registering for donations to charity. I hope this trend becomes more and more prominent for so many reasons.

Unexpected touch: I think Prince Harry will do something over-the-top romantic like have a song written for her or surprise her with a choir to perform their first dance!