Why Lena Dunham Will Always Wear Her Ring From Jack Antonoff Despite Their Break-Up

Why Lena Dunham Will Always Wear Her Ring From Jack Antonoff Despite Their Break-Up

In the midst of all the holiday proposals and New Year's engagements, there was a relationship tragedy in the celebrity world. Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff have officially broke it off after five years together. But, despite the break-up, Dunham is still wearing her ring from the Bleachers lead singer. Here's why the Girls star is refusing to banish her meaningful bling.

In a message to fans on Instagram Live on Tuesday, Dunham revealed she is still rocking the ring Antonoff gave her, and, according to Entertainment Tonight, it won't be coming off… like, ever.

"I'll always wear it because love is a really cool, eternal, powerful, eternal thing," she said. "It doesn't have to be defined the way we, in Western culture, define it-as beginning and ends. Things can be, 'You're a drop of water and you reenter the ocean.'"

Okay, Dunham we hear you.

"I really love you all,” the actress and director continued. “I'm really thankful for the support. I'm really thankful for the love."

Dunham's reps said the split was amicable, but we can't help but reminisce on the good old days. The couple was never officially engaged, but it definitely seemed like they were headed in that direction-especially after same-sex marriage was legalized in the U.S., as the pair previously vowed to not wed until marriage equality had been achieved.

Dunham always referred to Antonoff as her family and even called his sister her sister-in-law in an Instagram post last summer. The year before, they were even spilling plans for their someday wedding. "Jack and I have talked about it and we've always said that when we get married we want our wedding party to just be our two sisters in tuxedos," she said in a 2016 interview with the Belfast Telegraph. "Jack has a straight sister, I have a queer sister; they'd be our best men/women, and we'll call it a day. That's our dream."

Just this past fall, PEOPLE reported Dunham thought her man was planning a proposal, and she was so excited she couldn't sleep! She took to Twitter to let her fans in on the disappointing conclusion to the whole ordeal.

"I thought Jack was furtively planning a proposal to me with his sister," she wrote. "And he just admitted I actually caught him 'talking sh-t' about me!" Yikes…

"Now I literally can't sleep cuz I'm laughing too hard and I am also keeping him awake," she continued. "5.5 years, no rock and you know what? It's real nice."

She went on to say that when the time does come, she wants a ring like another recently-engaged celeb. (And we can't blame her!)

"Anyway I want Cardi B's ring," she said.

Sadly, it doesn't look like Dunham will be getting a Cardi B -sized rock from Antonoff. At least she does have one ring from the musician-one that she's apparently never taking off.