The Best Kid-Friendly Wedding Favors That'll Delight Your Tiniest Wedding Guests

The Best Kid-Friendly Wedding Favors That'll Delight Your Tiniest Wedding Guests

We're sure you already know that wedding favors should be thoughtful and particular to the taste of your guests, but what is a bride to do when it comes to her smallest attendees? Gift them something special that's just for them! These 11 best wedding favors for kids are sure to delight your tiniest wedding guests.

Though you are by no means obligated to present the children of your wedding guests with their very own wedding favors, offering a small, child-appropriate memento of the occasion is a thoughtful gesture and one that your attendees won't soon forget. A kid-friendly wedding favor is just the thing to make a child feel welcome at a grown-up affair. Plus, it'll give the kiddos something to do during those boring (to them, anyway) vows and those endless dinner courses. (Trust us-their parents will thank you.)

Feel free to take a whimsical route with your wedding favors for kids, such as providing bottles of bubbles that they can play with to their hearts' content (they'll make for some great candid wedding photos, too!). You can also help the little ones get creative with activity books and DIY bracelet kits just for them.

See the best wedding favors for kids below. The adults might even be a little jealous when they see the goodies the kids get!

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I Spy With My Little Camera Wedding Reception Game

Courtesy of HeyLovelyCo

Pair this printable "I Spy" game with disposable cameras, and the kids will be entertained for hours! Plus, you might end up with some serious gems when you get the photos developed.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $3.92

Kids Wedding Activity Game Books

Courtesy of hooraydays

These children's activity books are filled with 10 pages of games including a word search, dot-to-dot, and more to keep them busy. Since the gold foil design won't look out-of-place next to your decor, you can place them at each child's table setting.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $6.53 for five

Wedding Coloring Pillow Set

Courtesy of livilouandco

This set of miniature pillows can be colored, washed, and then colored again, meaning that these wedding favors will get plenty of use even after your big day comes to an end.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, starting at $9.99

Ribbon Fairy Wands

Courtesy of CIEOVO

The little ones will love twirling with these ribbon wands out on the dance floor!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $32.99 for 50

Tic Tac Toe Wedding Favors

Courtesy of FrecklesandWhiskers

When we were little, we could play tic tac toe for hours-and we didn't even have a game board this cute!

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $2.55

Play Dough Wedding Cake Kids Wedding Favor

Courtesy of SquishyDough

Make sure the kiddos know not to eat this adorable mini wedding cake-it's actually play dough! This activity bag also comes with a few fun games to keep the children entertained.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $12

Bubble Bottles

Courtesy of Fun Express

Having an outdoor wedding? Give the kids these tubes of bubble solution. The children at your wedding will have so much fun blowing bubbles throughout the reception.

SHOP NOW : Amazon, $9.99 for 24

Small Cotton Candy Party Favors With Custom Label

Courtesy of SweetopiaCottonCandy

What kid doesn't love cotton candy? But beware: These wedding favors for kids might even be stolen by the grown-ups!

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $2

Candy Wedding Favors for Kids

Courtesy of LilLoveBugsEvents

Another edible wedding favor that the kids are sure to devour are these packets of gummy worms, complete with an adorable pun.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $18 for 12

Friendship Bracelet Kits

Courtesy of BeadKids

Give these kits to the kids, and the children at your wedding can make one another friendship bracelets to remember the fun day. In addition to this little dragonfly, there are plenty of other charms to choose from.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $3.95

Diamond Ring Shaped Crayons

Courtesy of Mobee

You won't be the only one at the reception with a new ring! Spread out these ring-shaped crayons at the kids' table along with a few coloring pages.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $7.99

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