It Doesn't Get Anymore Perfect Than This Bridal Fashion Week Proposal

It Doesn't Get Anymore Perfect Than This Bridal Fashion Week Proposal


Model Gets Engaged While on the Runway

Stop what you're doing: We are here to announce that we may have just witnessed the most Brides-worthy proposal to ever happen-and it all went down during a Bridal Fashion Week show.

Earlier today, Watters hosted their spring 2019 bridal fashion show to showcase their latest wedding day looks. But even though the collection of gowns was stunning, the real show was when one man proposed to his model girlfriend right on the runway.

After Watters debuted their latest line, model Nicole Kaspar ended the runway show with a bow and began to make her way back off the runway. But before she could get too far, she was told to stop for pictures-but that wasn't the real reason they wanted her back on the runway. Kaspar turned around to see her boyfriend, Chad Stapleton, join her on stage.

"Nicole, I've wanted to do this for a long time, and I wanted the moment to be as special as you are to me," Stapleton started as he held her hands. "And I figured, what better way to do this than on a runway, doing what you love."

Kaspar was reduced to tears as the groom-to-be continued, "I never really believed in love at first sight, but I have to admit, it was something different the first time I saw you. I felt something inside that I've never felt before that I just couldn't explain."

"From that moment until now, you've made me happier than I ever thought I could be. If you let me, I'll spend the rest of my life making you feel the same way," he finished, before getting down on one knee. Somebody give this guy an award.

Kaspar nodded her head as Stapleton slipped an engagement ring on her finger, followed by a round of applause from the audience.

Brides editors Danielle Odiamar and Rosemary Leger captured the picture-perfect moment on camera. See the full proposal here!

Courtesy of Rosemary Leger

Courtesy of Rosemary Leger