Brides 's October/November 2018 Issue Is Here and Ashley Greene Is the Star of the Show

Brides 's October/November 2018 Issue Is Here and Ashley Greene Is the Star of the Show

Photo by Sarah Falugo; Wedding Dress by Wendi Williams-Stern

When actress Ashley Greene tied the knot with her love, Paul Khoury, beneath the California redwoods, all eyes were on her. Now, she's the cover star of Brides's October/November 2018 issue, which features all the stunning photos of her enchanted forest wedding. But soon, it'll be your turn to be the star of your own show. We're talking about your wedding, of course, and it's time to start preparing for your moment in the spotlight. Luckily, our latest issue-debuting on newsstands now-has everything you need to prep and primp before the lights, camera, action. Time to shine, brides!

T-minus how many months until you get married? Whether you're six months out or mere weeks away, we'll show you how to attain the flawless complexion and shiny hair of your wedding day dreams. This is our annual beauty issue, after all, so we created a six-month schedule for clear skin, healthy hair, a megawatt smile, and more! Tear out these glossy pages and tape them to your bathroom mirror to keep yourself on track. Glowy skin, here you come.

Now time for the finishing touches! Our Zero-Drama Guide to Bridal Beauty will help you pinpoint your wedding-day look. Learn how to focus on your best features, decide if hiring a pro makeup artist is right for you, and find a hairstyle that can easily transition from your ceremony to your reception (if you can have two wedding dresses, why not two 'dos?). Plus, read the real-life regrets of a low-maintenance bride. Because sometimes, that bit of extra time spent on Pinterest and is totallyyy worth it.

Don't worry: We've got the rest of your wedding day details covered too, including favors your guests will actually keep (monogrammed candles not included) and the best ways to save money on flowers-as if you needed another reason to scoop up this issue and read it from cover to cover! But don't forget to get some shut-eye in between. Inside you'll also find expert tips for a stress-free slumber. Stars do need their beauty sleep, you know!

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