Prince Harry Reportedly Wants a "Festival and Carnival"-Themed Royal Wedding After-Party

Prince Harry Reportedly Wants a "Festival and Carnival"-Themed Royal Wedding After-Party

Once a party boy, always a party boy-at least, if your name is Prince Harry. According to new tabloid reports, the groom-to-be is returning to his festive ways for the royal wedding after-party. On Sunday, the U.K.'s Daily Star reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's second reception (that's the one for the "inner circle" thrown by Prince Charles at Frogmore House) will feature a tiki bar, requested by the prince in honor of his favorite London club, Mahiki. The drink menu will reportedly be devised by Prince Harry's bachelor party, with libations spanning from "apache shooters" to "frozen strawberry sparkles" to "ice luges filled with vodka."

But it's not just Prince Harry who's looking forward to a wild night. “Both Harry and Meghan Markle love a party and have a wild side-and the reception will be no different,” a source told the Daily Star. “Safaris and festival fever are the themes being enveloped into their day-embracing everything the pair love," added a source. “Both of them are music and festival lovers, so they said they wanted a festival and carnival vibe at the evening do. It might be a royal wedding, but neither Harry nor Meghan are stuffy people and the last thing they want is their nuptials to be. They've both been adamant they want it to reflect their personalities and the things they love.”

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Apparently, this includes South African wagyu beef, iced beer, champagne, Hawaiian-inspired cocktails, and a steel band, the Daily Star reported, with nourishment provided by Feast It, the street food catering company from Prince Harry's friend, Minnie Brown. It also apparently includes Coldplay and/or Ed Sheeran, reported the U.K.'s Mirror, who have reportedly been "tipped" to play at the event. The Mirror also reported that there's still a chance for a Spice Girls reunion despite conflicting reports. Kudos to Prince Charles for funding all of this!