7 Habits of Highly Sexual Couples

7 Habits of Highly Sexual Couples

Have you ever wondered what makes your horny couple friends so into each other? It's like, they've been married for over a decade and still can't seem to keep their hands off of each other. How do you maintain such a sexy sex life forever and always?

Highly sexual couples don't usually get that way on accident. It's part of their commitment to each other. Chemistry shifts and changes over time, so expecting to be in that can't-get-my-hands-off-you mode that was common in the beginning of your marriage forever isn't realistic.

Does that mean you can't have an amazing, hot, filthy sex life? Nope. You sure can! Here are some habits of highly sexual couples. Read, learn, and embrace. We all deserve good sex, don't we?

They commit to foreplay

Couples who have a lot of sex aren't the couples who rush through the motions to “get it over with.” That's not a sexually content couple, that's just depressing. A highly sexual couple commits to foreplay as a part as an overall sexual experience.

Women require clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm. This is easiest with oral sex. Plus, she'll be properly lubed up and aroused to enjoy intercourse. Couples who value their sex lives value giving each other head (or whatever foreplay things you like). And enjoy it.

They have a sex schedule

Couples who have an amazing sex life know that waiting to be “in the mood” is how you wind up falling into a sexual rut. Sex is an important part of healthy relationships. Even if you don't feel like having it, you should. Regularly.

It keeps intimacy alive and allows you to feel close. Plus, the more you push yourself to have sex, the more you will be in the mood. Maintenance sex is crucial for healthy couples.

They touch each other a lot

Highly sexual couples engage in a lot of intimacy. And not just sex! We mean holding hands, kissing, cuddling regularly, and maybe even the occasional butt squeeze. Intimate gestures keep you connected on an emotional and physical level.

One of the things we crave most as human beings is wanting to feel wanted. Showing your partner affection let's them know that you love and value you them. When you feel loved, valued, and attractive to your partner, you're going to want to have more sex.

They know sex isn't always perfect

Sex isn't perfect every single time. You have to rush through it occasionally, sometimes you're stressed and tired, and other times something just isn't working for you in bed. Couples who have great sex lives know this.

There isn't pressure to perform or make every time they have sex the best sex in the history of the world. Embracing realistic understandings of sexuality is a huge part of having good sex.

They take care of each other's sexual and emotional needs

Good sex means not always being selfish. You can be selfish in bed sometimes (hey, dominance is pretty hot), but not always. Empathy is a key ingredient in the sex lives of couples who get it on a lot.

Anticipating your partner's needs and caring about them is crucial. Not only that, but communicating those needs and asking them what they want is a big part of good sex.

Too often one person has an orgasm and is like, “Hm. OK. Well, sex is over now.” That is not fair. Both people deserve to enjoy sex to the fullest and, when possible, have an orgasm. If you don't associate sex with pleasure, why would you want to do it?

They're super comfortable with each other

In order to have a hot, sexy, dirty, amazing sex life, you need to have a trusting and loving relationship. Both partners need to feel comfortable in their own skin, feel able to discuss fantasies and desires, and not worry about the occasional awkwardness that comes with sex.

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When you're comfortable with your partner, you're willing to be more experimental and try new things. Novelty is a big part of a hot sex life. Couples who have trust and care for one another are couples who can explore new sex things with ease.

They are best friends

Couples who have a ton of sex aren't just partners in marriage, they are best friends. They laugh together and are each other's favorite people. Marrying your best friend may sound like a pipe-dream, but it really isn't.

If you spouse isn't your best friend and also the person you want to do all the sex with, what's the point? Build your friendship. Having more in common than just sex makes for a better sex life.

Gigi Engle is a certified sex coach, educator, and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.