6 Things Couples Can Do to Stay in Touch Instead of Texting

6 Things Couples Can Do to Stay in Touch Instead of Texting

It can become a bit anticlimactic to spend your day away from your partner sending text messages back and forth. Not only that, but plenty of mishaps, miscommunications, and mistaken emotions can be exchanged every time you both write each other a little something and press the send button on your phone.

Keeping your relationship alive and well throughout the workweek takes creativity, a bit of planning, and a whole lot of heart. Check out six unique things these couples have started doing to keep the fire alive in their relationship instead of just texting back and forth every day.

We Video Chat During Lunch

“We take our lunch break at the same time every day, so we both go outside and FaceTime each other. It's a nice way to spend an hour catching up and venting about the workday. It's also better than spending the day texting, which can look unprofessional and also feel anything but personal. The video chats help us get our midday fix of each other. It's just enough.” -Jessica L., 31

We Leave Each Other Secret Love Notes

“A tradition my boyfriend and I have had from the very start of our relationship is that we leave each other love notes and hide them in each other's bags. Every day, we both hide them and then throughout the day as we search for our phone chargers, notebooks, or wallets, we find the notes. It's a really nice touch to remind one another how strong our love is and to do it in an old-school way.” -Alexis Q., 29

We Commute Together

“We work within 10 minutes of each other, so we commute to and from work every day. What's nice is we use that time to talk, so we keep the radio off and we keep our phones away. It allows us to have 40 minutes of uninterrupted chat time that's face to face. It also makes going to work fun when it would feel dreadful otherwise.” -Colleen P., 35

We Fill Each Other's Inboxes With Pictures

“My wife and I both get, on average, like 120 emails a day. It's overwhelming and annoying. But one thing we do to keep in touch, since neither of us can have our phones out at work, is we send each other funny pictures from the Internet through email. It's exciting because I'll be sorting through my inbox and see her name pop up and get excited. Plus, if anyone sees my screen at work, they think I'm just laughing at a funny work email (as if there is such a thing), and I can't get in trouble for flirting with my wife at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday.” -Rosi F., 29

We Play Each Other in Games

“We used to text a lot, but it always caused us to fight because you can't truly understand the other person's emotions via text. Instead, we have a no-texting rule throughout the day and we keep in touch by playing each other in Words With Friends, Checkers, and Uno on our phone apps. It brings out both of our competitive sides and it also gives us something to do to help pass time at work without arguing over text message.” -Raquel V., 24

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We Send Surprise Food Over Once a Week

“My husband and I both work 12- to 14-hour days. We hardly see each other during the week. But we are both big foodies. Once a week, on a random day, we each send each other a food delivery. Some weeks he sends me cookies or cupcakes and others it's a full-on meal, like Chinese food or a salad from my favorite place. It's a fun thing that makes us both smile and makes our stomachs thrilled when we are stuck in the office for long periods of time.” -Shelby R., 33