This Is What Prince Harry Could Wear to His Upcoming Royal Wedding

This Is What Prince Harry Could Wear to His Upcoming Royal Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding is fast approaching, and fans have been fixated on what the bride-to-be will wear down the aisle since the pair's engagement news broke. But, not to outdo her royal redheaded fiancГ©, there's also the equally important matter of what the groom will sport on the big day. While we have to admit it's definitely much more exciting dreamily anticipating Markle's princess-worthy wedding dress, Harry's wedding day garb shouldn't be overlooked. So, what will we likely see Harry wearing as he says "I do"?

If Harry were to follow in his brother, Prince William's, footsteps, he might sport a military uniform. When William wed Kate Middleton in 2011, he wore the Irish Guards Mounted Officer's uniform. However, Alastair Bruce, Ceremonial Expert and Officer of Arms, told Cosmopolitan UK that Harry might choose a different outfit approach.

"As Prince Harry is no longer a serving officer in the Armed Forces, it is unlikely he will wear a uniform. However he could, if he wishes, as he hold a special position as a Member of the Royal Family," he said. "The Duke of Cambridge wore the uniform of the Colonel, Irish Guards, because he had recently been appointed to this by The Queen and his wedding, as a future monarch, was a ceremonial one."

If Harry were to choose a military garb for his wedding day, Bruce predicts he might wear "that of Captain in the Blues and Royals, part of the Household Cavalry Regiment, which was his uniform while serving. With this, he often selects the Army Air Corps light blue beret because he was an Apache helicopter pilot, memorably during his service in Afghanistan."

However, even though Harry currently holds the title of Captain General Royal Marines, Bruce predicts that the future royal groom will sport Morning Dress the day of, which will involve a morning coat, a waistcoat, and striped dress pants, as shown in the photo here.


Wearing a military uniform would also influence the tone of the May 19 nuptials, according to Bruce. "Looking at the way Harry is, I don't think he'd want all his friends to be put through all that panoply, and once you have a groom wearing full military uniform, you're going to have a lot of other people wear full military uniform," Bruce told Town and Country. "It kind of changes the day." With the power to shape the wedding vibe, looks like Markle's potential dress isn't the only significant look, after all.

This would sharply contrast Will and Kate's wedding, since the elder royal heir's wedding also doubled as a recognition of his future governing status. Harry and Markle's wedding will automatically have a more casual undertone. "Harry is not in the direct line of succession," Bruce said. "He is a member of the royal family. This is a family wedding which is taking place not in public, not out of the public eye, but within the castle, which is much less visual."

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Even though all eyes will probably be on Meghan Markle during their televised wedding, we are excited to see how her future groom will dress for the occasion.