Lea Michele's Reveals the Must-Have Items on Her Wedding Registry

Lea Michele's Reveals the Must-Have Items on Her Wedding Registry

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While wedding planning definitely has its stressful moments, there are some parts that are pure joy-like making your registry. What is better than picking out your own gifts and someone else footing the bill? And bride-to-be Lea Michelle agrees wholeheartedly that's it's an incredibly fun experience.

Michele and her fiancГ© Zandy Reich are slowly checking things off their wedding to-do list, but Michele recently told Brides-during a Zola party that celebrated the launch of the brand's new wedding paper-that making her own registry on Zola was one of the first things she did as a newly engaged woman. Admittedly she says she was going in blind but that she found the process super easy.

“I don't know the first step in planning a wedding, let alone creating a registry,” Michele said. “And I wasn't even sure about making a registry, because we are very fortunate. We have a home that we love. But it's important to have those things that are just yours. You know, we're both two lives. Two full histories coming together, and we really wanted those things that, you know, were just ours.”

Only 24 hours after setting up her registry it was full of all those “just ours” items-and a few extras as well. “I showed my fiancé, and he was like, 'This is so great. I can't believe you did that. Why do we have five vacuums on here?'” the former Glee star said.

Michele might have gotten a little swept up in all the registry excitement. “We don't need five vacuums-but I also just wanted everything to make a pie. And I've never made a pie in my life, but I'm going to be making pies soon.”

The couple not only plans on making sweet pies in their married life, but savory ones as well-of the pizza variety! Michele said they also added everything to make a pizza on their registry even though it currently falls outside their pre-wedding diet preparations. “We're not eating any dairy or gluten right now, because it's, like, wedding stuff,” she said. “But when the time comes, we've got every single thing.”

She continued, “It's the thing that is helping us making all of our decisions fast, because we know that pizza oven is there, waiting for us for post‐wedding.”

That's one way to get everything done! In addition to the traditional gift registry, Zola also offers experiences, which Michele and Reich have enjoyed choosing as well.

“The cheese of the month club and the wine of the month club were the first things we put on there and that people got for us,” the Scream Queens actress said. “So every month, we get a different bottle of wine and different kinds of cheese, and we feel so, like, cultured and grown up. We go to people's houses, and we're like, We brought you this beautiful cheese that we picked out for you. Meanwhile, it just showed up at our door.”

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While impressing their friends with their wine choices and getting a vacuum for every room of the house are definitely exciting parts of the registry process, Michele also loves using her registry as a way to connect with her guests.

“I think that this whole part of the registry in general and then the thank-you notes are just other ways of creating a great connection with your guests and the people that are coming to your wedding,” she said. “So they get to give you a gift that you can have for the rest of your life and say, oh, wow, this is from my aunt or my uncle. And then you get to write them a card back, and it just creates this great cycle of connection that you have with your guests that lead up to the big day.”

Michele has yet to announce the date of her wedding but she has revealed several details about her nuptials, including some of the A-list attendees, who will be performing, and who will be officiating (Ryan Murphy). The singer and her fiancГ© have also already celebrated with two engagement parties, a bridal shower, and bachelorette party, so we imagine their big day is right around the corner.