Meghan Markle Criticized for Not Doing the "Duchess Slant" When Sitting

Meghan Markle Criticized for Not Doing the "Duchess Slant" When Sitting

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It seems like Meghan Markle can't step out the door of her Kensington Palace abode without being criticized for some tiny, inconsequential thing. Earlier this month, she was trolled on social media for the way the wind messed with her hair (cue the exasperated sighs). And now, the critics have come out of the woodwork yet again, this time to nitpick the way the Duchess of Sussex was sitting at the Queen's Young Leaders Awards ceremony on Tuesday.

As seen in video captured at the event, which Markle attended with Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth II, when she goes to sit down next to Harry for a photo op, Markle first crosses her legs at the knee like a regular, non-duchess person would. After looking around and having a quick chat with the person seated on her other side, Markle adjusts in her seat and slants her legs together, keeping her knees crossed, into a royally approved pose.

Though she certainly looked very regal in her final position, the former Suits actress is still being criticized for the way she chose to arrange her legs. "Duchess of sussex has her legs crossed wrong. What a disrepect to the queen. All royal ladies cross at the ankles or put both legs off to the side," one person commented on a video of the awards ceremony posted by the royal family on Facebook. As The Daily Mail notes, several other commenters seemed to agree with this sentiment, arguing that Markle should sit in Kate Middleton's signature "duchess slant," with her legs crossed at the ankles and situated at an angle from her knees.

But many more pointed out-and rightly so-that not only is there no hard and fast rule about how women in the royal family must sit at events, but Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Duchess Camilla, and even the queen herself have also all been known to sit with their knees crossed from time to time. As Good Housekeeping notes, while the "duchess slant" does seem to be the most favorable sitting position for royal women, all that really matters is that they keep their knees together and avoid flashing anybody in the audience. And, just for the record, Markle actually has already mastered the duchess slant: She sat with her ankles crossed and to the side while visiting Chester, England, on her first solo outing with the queen earlier this month.

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