Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's Wedding: All the Details We Have So Far

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's Wedding: All the Details We Have So Far

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas sure do know how to throw a party. From the couple's engagement party in India to Chopra's bridal shower at Tiffany's to her bachelorette weekend in Amsterdam, the future Mr. and Mrs. have already had a wedding season to remember, and it's not slowing down any time soon. The pair has reportedly already obtained a marriage license, and their big day-which we have high hopes for-is happening this weekend.

Read on for everything we know so far about Chopra and Jonas's wedding (including what her dress might look like !). By the end, you'll surely be just as excited as we are.

It will be happening this weekend in India

Festivities are already underway: Nick and Priyanka kicked off the wedding with a puja at Chopra's mother house in Mumbai on Wednesday and several guests, including Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, have already been spotted in India.

The couple celebrated their engagement in Mumbai in August, where Jonas spent time with Chopra's family. And after multiple trips to India together, the actress has referred to the country as her fiancГ©'s "other home."

The couple reportedly filed for a marriage license at a Beverly Hills courthouse the first week of November. Sources say that they will bring the license with them to India in December for the ceremony, then file in the U.S. to legalize their union in both countries.

The venue will be as grand as they come

The nuptials are said to be taking place in an honest-to-goodness palace: Taj's Umaid Bhawan Palace in the Blue City of Jodhpur. The sprawling, stunning locale features 347 rooms, a full-service hotel, and a museum, and is the primary residence of the Jodhpur royal family.

The big day will feature a blend of cultures

In addition to reportedly taking place in India, the ceremony will feature a blend of Chopra's Indian culture and Jonas's American one. During an interview with Vogue, the couple confirmed the event would be a "three-day extravaganza." (Of the event, Chopra warned, “People will need vacations after this wedding.”) They also revealed that the wedding would include both a Hindu ceremony and a Christian ceremony, officiated by Jonas's father, a pastor. During the traditional Hindu ceremony, the couple will walk around the fire seven times and the prayers will be done in Sanskrit, which according to Chopra, her husband-to-be was very comfortable with during their engagement roka ceremony.

“Nick did the Hindu prayers,” Chopra told Vogue. “The prayers are in Sanskrit. Even I can't say them. But he did it in Sanskrit. The Indians were so impressed with their National Jiju.”

Chopra's mom, Madhu Chopra, has also been outspoken about her hopes for a traditional ceremony. "I haven't forced any of my thoughts on her, but I definitely want a traditional Indian wedding," she said. "That's my only wish. I started the roka with a puja, which is important for me. I'm a modern mother, but at heart, I'm quite conservative."

The dress will be "cute and comfortable."

Chopra has been giving fans a preview of her wedding day style of late (she wore an actual wedding dress to her bridal shower in October), but she has two requirements for whichever dress she decides on for the big day. "I always believed that anything and everything that I wear, I have to be comfortable and cute," Chopra told Entertainment Tonight. "So it's going to be cute and comfortable."

Nick's will wear traditional Indian clothes for one of the ceremonies

The couple confirmed to Vogue that for the occasion Jonas will don, as customary for grooms, a turban and sword and ride to the altar on a horse. It's something, he said, he "can't wait" to do.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry won't be attending

Despite Chopra's attendance at the royal wedding in May, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly RSVP'ed no to the Indian affair due to Markle limiting travel during her pregnancy. (Not to mention, her busy schedule.)

The bachelorette party looked seriously fun

To celebrate her last days of single-hood, Chopra jetted off to Amsterdam with some of her nearest and dearest girlfriends. Her bachelorette weekend involved a big night out with Chopra dressed in a feathered white frock and her friends in black and red. "Red, white and Bride!!!" she captioned a group shot from the evening, which resulted in a very hungover morning with future sister-in-law Sophie Turner, who's engaged to Joe Jonas.

The bridal shower was a star-studded affair

Chopra's stunningly over-the-top bridal shower took place at Tiffany's flagship store on Fifth Avenue-the same place where Jonas got her stunning ring. A-list guests included Kelly Ripa, Lupita Nyong'o, and Chopra donned a floor-length white gown from Marchesa. "It was amazing; my friends threw a really special party for me. And it's amazing that it was at Tiffany, because I'm a fan of the brand, and it was really special in my relationship,” she said of the night. “But it wasn't a normal shower. I haven't even opened gifts yet, it was just dancing and cocktails and fun.”

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The wedding party will be full of family

The wedding party is rumored to be a big one with Nick's team of groomsmen totaling 11 men, a source told Us Weekly. The groom's brothers, Joe, Kevin, and Frankie Jonas, have reportedly all scored the job, along with actor Jonathan Tucker and Chopra's brother, Siddharth Chopra.

Babies could be coming soon

A wedding may not be the only thing Jonas and Chopra are celebrating in the near future: The soon-to-be Mrs. Jonas recently joked that she needs to "catch up" to her pregnant friend, Meghan Markle. “I just have a few of my friends who are having babies right now and I'm like, 'God, I need to catch up!'” she said. According to Us Weekly, Chopra and Jonas “keep talking about starting a family together,” but they've got one important thing to check off of their to-do list before it happens. “They are going to wait till after the wedding to start trying,” the insider added. “But it's definitely on the agenda.”


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