Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's Joint Monogram Features One Glaring Omission

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's Joint Monogram Features One Glaring Omission

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With Princess Eugenie's wedding just days away, the details are finally starting to come into focus. For instance, the Royal Collection Trust has just debuted Eugenie and future husband Jack Brooksbank's official joint monogram, which appeared on a tea set, People reports. But some eagle-eyed royal watchers noticed one glaring omission that might hint towards Brooksbank's future royal title-or lack thereof.

The couple's joint monogram, which features their intertwined first initials, does not feature a crown. For their individual monograms, Eugenie's is topped with a coronet, while her soon-to-be-husband's is not. This marks a major departure from the monograms of the most recent royal newlyweds, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as Kate Middleton and Prince William, all of which featured official monograms with coronets for both the bride and groom. And with that, speculation has already begun that Brooksbank won't receive a royal title after he ties the knot on October 12.

Despite the potential title snub, Brooksbank has every reason to look forward to his highly anticipated nuptials, which are set to unfold at St. George's Chapel, the same venue where Meghan and Harry got married in May. The palace also recently announced the official guest list, as well as the details of the day's proceedings. “Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York and Mr. Jack Brooksbank will invite members of the public to join in the celebrations of their wedding on Friday 12th October," the palace wrote in a statement, adding that "1,200 members of the public will be able to view the arrival of the congregation and Members of the Royal Family, listen to a live broadcast of the Marriage Service and watch the start of the procession as the couple depart at the end of the Wedding ceremony."

As for whether or not Jack gets that official royal title, it looks like we're going to find out sooner rather than later.

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