Newest Obsession: Edible Flowers on Mini Desserts!

Newest Obsession: Edible Flowers on Mini Desserts!

OK, so you already know we're obsessed with edible flowers in cocktails. In fact, we're so into the idea of flowers inside your drink that we didn't think this trend could get any sweeter. But, oh, how wrong we were!

The newest trend in edible flowers comes in the form of flower-topped desserts-mini desserts, in fact. And, believe us, these little pretties are as cute and colorful as they are sweet. (Think mini ice cream cones, tarts, doughnuts, and more!) But while we love the idea of these desserts on their own, we love the idea of a bunch of them together even more. The perfect place for such a display is on the dessert table, which is a trend we're seeing everywhere. In order to create a dessert table of your own, start with a cake and then surround it with mini treats like cupcakes, cake pops, or even your grandmother's famous chocolate chip cookies. This table is about showcasing your favorite foods, so personalize it! In regards to decorating said table, you'll see that brides often add flowers, signage, lights, and more. But who needs all that when you have flowers on your desserts. Genius, right?

But before you get to scrolling, pinning, and ordering flower-covered desserts by the dozen, listen up! You must remember that not every flower is edible. Talk to your florist or baker about which blooms are-pansies are the most popular-so your guests can take as many big bites as they please without moving the garnishes to the side. After all, these mini treats are almost too pretty to eat-almost!

Ice Cream Cones

Here's a brilliant idea: Pass out mini dessert cones after dinner. These chocolate-covered brownie cones look even more yummy (and adorable!) with purple pansies sprinkled on. If you want to re-create this look, talk to you caterer or pastry chef about how exactly to execute this masterpiece, as these edible flowers are as delicate as they are pretty.

Tiered Cakes

Now these mini cakes are a serious works of art! If you don't display these on the dessert table, we suggest serving one at each place setting so it can do triple-duty as a dessert, favor, and decor addition.


These white-on-white tarts are the modern take on the original, thanks to their rectangular shape. We especially love the touch of gold to elevate the look for a fancy event (such as your wedding!). Display these alongside other white creations (like a statement white wedding cake) for a monochromatic dessert moment at your reception.


These minis really pack on the pretty, with pale-pink frosting, macaron toppings, and petal sprinkles. And even better: They're gluten-free! So if there's ever a secret to pleasing all of your gluten-free guests, we think we may have just found it.


These mini eclairs are about the sweetest things we've ever seen. We love this pale-pink hue for a bridal shower or a romantic wedding reception (with plenty of flowers, of course).


We can't decide which is prettier on these mouse-covered cupcakes: the fresh strawberries, figs, or edible pansies? Good thing the grouping looks so perfect together because we may never decide.


OK, these are already cool (get it?) on their own, but here's an idea: What if they were spiked? Spiked pops are all the rage right now, especially if you're having a spring or summer wedding in the sun.

Dessert Shooter

These are the classiest jello shots we've ever seen.

Cake Pops

You can hold your cake and eat it too! We love the idea of cake pop at weddings because no one has to take a break from dancing to sit down and eat a slice.


Serve these late-night or send everyone home with them for breakfast the next morning.