In Season Now: The Cold-Weather Wedding Flower Hellebores

In Season Now: The Cold-Weather Wedding Flower Hellebores

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Hellebores are in vogue in the floral world right now - the cold-weather blossoms bloom mid-winter and early spring, injecting a much-needed shot of color to February, March, and April weddings. Their slightly downturned, buttercup-like blooms are whimsical and sweet, and the flowers come in beautiful colors and patterns, from soft-pink and mauve to deep purple, antique green, and even black. Plus, many hellebore varieties feature wonderful specks, splatters, swirls, and gradations in their centers, adding to their charm. Check out these six beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres - they'll have you adding hellebores to your favorite-flower list.

Hellebore Bridal Bouquet (above): This stunning, ultra-romantic bouquet by Mallory Joyce features cream-colored roses combined with mauve and pale-green hellebores.

Photo: Ryan Flynn Photography

Bright Spring Bouquet with Hellebores: For a vibrant pop of color, pair a variety of blooms in different hues - purple lilacs, orange spray roses, and green hellebores - to create a loose, free-flowing bouquet.

Photo: M.K. Sadler

Purple Hellebore Bouquet: If you have a purple color palette, you'll love this dark and moody bouquet combining sweet peas, clematises, and deep-purple hellebores.

Photo: Corbin Gurkin

Green Hellebores Bouquet: This fresh white-and-green bouquet has a wonderful spring-like feel. Included in the arrangement are sweet peas, hosta, white licorice plant, tillandsia, lily of the valley, and hellebores.

Photo: Emilia Jane Photography

Hellebore Flower Crown: Instead of a bouquet, why not walk down the aisle wearing a hair wreath fashioned from beautiful blooms, like these pink and green hellebores?

Photo: Mikaela Ruth Photography

Hellebore Boutonniere: Pin an elegant hellebore-and-seeded-eucalyptus boutonniere to your groom's lapel.


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