A Wedding Ceremony Program Idea We Love: Day-Of Timelines

A Wedding Ceremony Program Idea We Love: Day-Of Timelines

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Wedding guests love to know what's up next on the wedding-day agenda, so it's a good idea to clue them in on the schedule of events. A great, efficient way to to do this? By including a rundown of the big day in your wedding ceremony program. Here are six creative ways to do this that we've seen from couples around the country.

Illustrated Timeline (above): Add an insert into your ceremony program that outlines the order of events for the evening, along with cute illustrations.

Hannah McClune Photography

Photo: Hannah McClune Photography

Rolled-Up Ceremony Program: An easy DIY idea would be to print your ceremony program and wedding schedule at home and roll each one into scroll, finished with string or twine. - Leeds Wedding Photographers

Photo: James & Lianne

Ceremony Program Fan: This clever program serves many purposes - not only will it keep guests cool on a warm summer day, but the back also includes all of the wedding-day schedule of events.

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Chalkboard Sign: Or, you can skip individual programs and instead display a large chalkboard with the wedding-day timeline at the ceremony entrance for all to see.

Photo: Meg Ruth Photo

The Rundown: Clue guests in on what's in store by listing all of the wedding festivities and details on one side of the program.

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Kraft Paper: For a more rustic look, print your illustrated wedding-day schedule on kraft paper and embellish with twine.