7 Subscription Boxes Couples Need to Sign Up For NOW!

7 Subscription Boxes Couples Need to Sign Up For NOW!

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If there's one thing we truly love, it's getting mail. And although the frequency of actual, handwritten snail-mail has pretty much become archaic (sadly), getting a package on your doorstep is still as exciting as ever. Maybe that's part of the reason why online shopping is satisfying-knowing that you'll be receiving something and can take pleasure in the anticipation.

One way to ensure you'll always have a package to look forward to is to try out a subscription box service! Once limited to wine-of-the-month clubs (which technically do come in a box), subscription offerings (some weekly, some monthly, depending on the service) have really taken off in more recent years.

From food to flowers to wine to beauty products, here are some of our favorite subscription boxes perfect for couples!


Not technically a subscription service (as in, you're not committed to continuing it once you start), MM.LaFleur provides hand-picked professional clothes for women and sends them to you (in a "bento box") based on your style. Returns are super easy, and we love how this takes the guess work out of dressing for work!

SHOP NOW: MM.LaFleur, prices vary

Book of the Month

What better way to unwind after the whirlwind of planning and stress than to focus some of your newfound free time into reading a few good books? If you're feeling ambitious, you can add additional books for $9.99 each. Bonus points if you and your partner start a book club.

SHOP NOW: Book of the Month, starting at $44.97 for three months

The Bouqs

Nothing, and we mean nothing, makes your home feel more entertaining-ready and polished like fresh flowers. The Bouqs Company makes it super easy to customize your subscription: You choose a frequency of delivery (weekly, monthly, or quarterly), and it gives you options on size and style. (Roses or farmer's-market styles are two examples.)

SHOP NOW: The Bouqs Company, starting at $40

Frank & Oak

Opposed to MM.LaFleur, Frank and Oak does have more of a traditional subscription system (although you can take a break whenever you want), and is geared more toward your whole wardrobe. It also has styles for men and women, and you can easily send back anything in your box that you don't like-there's a $25 stylist fee per month, but that goes towards a credit for anything you decide to keep.

SHOP NOW: Frank and Oak, $25 stylist fee/month (plus the price of anything you keep)


One of our favorite meal deliver subscriptions, Plated gives you 20 yummy options a week of meals to choose from, and also allows you to skip weeks. Being able to take some of the meal planning out of your week is a true luxury, plus gives you and your partner the opportunity to cook together from time to time instead of just relying on takeout!

SHOP NOW: Plated, starting at $35.85

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Misto Box

For all our caffeine addicts out there, here's the perfect subscription box for you. With more than 300 coffees in their artillery, the coffee curators at MistoBox select the best beans for you based on your preferences. Then it's off to the artisan coffee roasters, where they roast the beans to order. Shortly thereafter, your beans arrive on your doorstep, ready to be brewed! Couldn't be easier.

SHOP NOW: Misto Box, starting at $20 for one month


Of course, we had to include a wine-of-the-month club! Winc is very well curated, and of course it doesn't hurt that all of the bottles have gorgeous packaging (i.e., Instagrammable). The company's goal is to "make wine approachable and accessible," so it's a perfect service for those who aren't versed in wine but want to get introduced to some foolproof go-to bottles.

SHOP NOW: Winc, starting at $13 per bottle